It All Started With a Ham

28 03 2016

So I’ve been able to get a little more information on Mama’s situation from relatives in the know.

The woman (Sherry) who vandalized mama’s Subaru is apparently a relation to a couple who were friends of my grandparents many years ago. This same woman is who mama wanted her siblings to hire to clean Grandma’s house.

Mama apparently took this woman to the grocery store, where Sherry shoplifted a ham. (I mean, it was Easter after all.) They argued, and some time later, while Mama was visiting some random man, Sherry took her revenge on Mama’s station wagon. No word on whether there is any relationship between Sherry and the random man, but if I were placing bets….there’s more to the story than a ham.

Moral of the story: it’s hard to find good help these days.




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