So What’s New, Pussycats?

27 03 2016

I haven’t made a post here in so long that I had forgotten the password to log in with! Life is good, and work is busy, so in reality, there hasn’t been a whole lot to blog about anyway.

But mama gave us a little something to write about today, and I was sure that the three people who still drop by might want to hear it.

When we last left her, she was staying with my grandmother “taking care of her”. Now, I think she does as well as she can in that caretaker roll, but we all know that if she still had a home, or a husband, she would not be up there. Its a situation that benefits her more than anyone else, which is the only sort of situation she will stick with.

Grandma’s health is poor, her dementia is bad, and there have been several times over the past couple of years where she has had extended hospital stays. One such stay was to end yesterday.

And apparently, mama would only go back to “taking care of” Grandma if her siblings hired someone to do the cleaning and laundry. (Bare in mind, that Grandma sleeps much of the day now, and her house is 800 square feet tops.) But she also wanted her free room and board to continue, and also wanted to be paid herself. (No doubt “under the table” so as not to interfere with her benefits from Uncle Sam.)

Just before 2AM this morning, Mama called to wish us a Happy Easter.

But let me back up a bit…

About two weeks ago, she called one afternoon and revealed that she was at the Doc in a Box with Billy Bob (not his real name, but close enough) and his son, who had the flu. “You remember Billy Bob! Here, let me let you say hi!” It turns out that 20 years or so ago, after mom’s second divorce, when I was still in middle school, he had crashed on our couch for a number of days, and I threw all of his stuff out onto the lawn when I came home from school and smelled marijuana. He had been a bag boy at the Food For Less, and apparently lived near us years earlier when I was a baby.

Last week, literally as I was walking into the airport to fly across the country, Mama called with a desperate plea for money because she had locked her keys in the car while at a St. Patricks Day party (in a very unseemly part of town), and the people who had jimmied it open with a coat hanger had cut some sort of wires that made the key useless. (This was the story she told…so if it makes no sense to my readers, please understand it made no sense to me either.) She needed $75 for a locksmith, and could I please help. My questions (what could a locksmith do about cut wires? Can’t you just use the key the old fashioned way if the keyless buttons dont work?) were met with answers that made even less sense, so I told her there was nothing I could do, and I wouldn’t be getting off the plane until after midnight eastern time, so couldn’t help then if I wanted to. By the time I landed, she had left another message, that some random person had fixed her car, but she still needed cigarettes, so go ahead and wire some money.

But back to today…

She called at 2 AM to wish us a Happy Easter, and again at 8:30 AM. We exchanged a few pleasant texts later in the morning, then shortly after dinner, she texted again.

Do you have any money for a rental car til tomorrow my car was towed in for evidence insurance says that it totaled wal mart on eisenhower drive please”

“What? Were you in a wreck? What happened?” I replied.

“A girl by the name of Sherry busted the windshield and the back window and tail lights out the deputy took care of her and add felony charges against her headlight too”

“Well, I don’t think you can rent a car without a credit card in your name.”

I know that.”

Questions linger. Why would the police take a vandalized car into evidence? (Dear hubby suggests that maybe Mama was in no shape to drive, if you know what I mean, and it was impounded.) Who is Sherry? What story lies there? And if she knew you needed a credit card, what did she REALLY want my money for?

So, to recap: she’s hauling dope smoking losers to the doctor, partying in the ghetto, doing God knows what at 2 in the morning on Easter, and now has incited a girl named Sherry to total her Subaru. Just another page in the life of a complete train wreck.






4 responses

28 03 2016

so you are back on speaking terms again??

28 03 2016
The Vinyl Villager

in as much as she feels comfortable to call and ask me for money!

28 03 2016

Well, she did wish you a Happy Easter…Twice…so surely that is worth giving her your credit card. I mean what more do you want?!?

28 03 2016
The Vinyl Villager

Maybe a damned cadbury egg??

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