Monday Morning Mish-Mash

5 10 2008

1. It’s been a headline week for the gun-toting over-90 crowd. First, there was the 90 year old woman who shot herself as deputies attempted to foreclose on her home. Miraculously, she lived, and her lender forgave her mortage. (Can we count on copycats? I’m trying to decide if a strategically placed bullet might be worth the 27 years I still have to pay on my plastic palace?) Then, a 92 year old broke out her gat on a group of paramedics attempting to check on her well being. Lesson of the week, kids: don’t mess with Granny.

2. I got the iPod I mentioned last week. So far so good…but I can tell I’m slowly turning into that old timer who can’t quite understand all these new fangled electronics. I had to hit the little “help” button on iTunes an embarassing number of times to make it through my first purchases and subsequent upload to the actual device.

3. I’ve always thought I was halfway fashionable. In high school and college, I knew what was “in” and even made it a hobby to collect as many labels as I could. Now…not so much apparently. My stepmom was telling me a few days ago about jean shopping with my little brother. He apparently suckered her into got her to get him a couple pairs of high-end jeans. But I’d never heard of the brands. Does this mean I’m on my way to becoming that old man who doesn’t know better and keeps wearing his polyester double knits 30 years after they went out of fashion? How’s an adult to keep up with the styles?

4. On a similar note…I saw a woman at the mall the other day…couldn’t have been much older than I am. but her hairstyle could not have changed since she was 13. It was straight late-80’s–big bangs, poodle curls hanging down the back. If it weren’t so teased out it could have been a variation of a mullet. And baby blue eye shadow halfway up her forehead. Acid washed jeans, skin tight, and a shirt with a ruffle on it.  Now, as I just said, I don’t know a True Religion from an Apple Bottom, but did this poor woman not have any girlfriends to advise her? Doesn’t she have TV? And don’t hairdressers have some code of conduct that requires them to refuse to put hair in a “do” that went out 20 years ago? (or is there some remake of “Falcon Crest” in the works, and perhaps this lady was an extra?)

5. Saturday was neighborhood improvement day here in the Vinyl Village. After getting a ridiculous estimate to repaint the wooden fence posts and the poolhouse trim, we decided to do it ourselves. Nine folks showed up to help. Out of a neighborhood of almost 300 houses. More people than that complained this year that the posts needed painting. Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that the world has about three “whiners” for every one “doer”.