There IS Something Wrong With America

12 10 2010

If you’ve turned on your TV, opened up an internet connection, or switched on your car radio, then you know there’s an election coming up. The political climate in this country has gotten very nasty the past few cycles, and this one seems particularly so.

Much press has been given to the “Tea Party” people…”Taxed Enough Already”. Their name might make sense if anyone were talking about raising taxes.  True, the democrats want to let Bush-era tax cuts expire for those who make over a quarter of a million dollars a year, but no one is proposing that the measly tax cut will go away for Joe Everybody. But there is something wrong in America when an entire movement parades behind some false idea that their taxes are changing. In fact, I recently came across a rather interesting article that showed that 47 percent of these Tea Partiers (in fact, half of us in general) don’t pay a dime in federal income tax as it is. Taxed Enough Already? Mmmmm-kay. If they are angry about something, and to be sure, they are, they need to make their message a little clearer, because their tax bullshit rings hollow.

Then there is the “Ground Zero Mosque”. As anyone knows who has read the plans for the center, it’s a mosque in as much as your local  hospital is a church. It contains an Islamic prayer space. It’s also slated to contain art studios, a cooking school, and a fitness center. I guess all those who work out at the Y are “goin to church” since it, too, has religious ties. But there is something wrong in America when an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory is suddenly “hallowed ground” because it sits three blocks from where the towers fell while two strip bars sit even closer and not a word was spoken in protest. Those who so vigorously oppose it really ought to give themselves a reality check–there’s a huge difference between American Muslims, who we all work alongside and live down the road from, and the extremists who attacked us on 9-11. Put it in focus.

There is something wrong in America when otherwise intelligent people will hit “forward” on an email full of distortions, half-truths, and bald faced lies because it stacks the deck against whatever political party they don’t favor. My inbox is filled with them. I wonder how many of the long list of people from whom these emails were forwarded bothered to check the legitimacy of the “facts” contained within? We owe it to ourselves to know what is going on. Forwarding this junk means the sender either has erroneously bought whatever dish of bullshit they’ve been served, or they simply don’t care to know the truth. Either way, it’s unacceptable.

There is something wrong in America when the President (whatever your opinion of his policies) has been dogged for years by rumors that he is a Muslim, despite the lack of a single iota of evidence to suggest that there is any truth to it. But slap an “R” behind the name of someone who just converted to Christianity in 1996 and she’s a Sister in Christ to all the good ole boys voting in South Carolina. (Why haven’t the right wing blogs been calling ole Nikki Haley by her full name of Nimrata Randhawa Haley when they want to put Obama’s scary ole middle name in every sentence they mention him in?) There is something wrong when we have that sort of double standard.

There is something wrong in this country when we practice selective outrage. One of the many partisan emails I recently received decried “”If you think that the Chinese won’t hold this over us with all our debt you have another thought coming. Our children will have nothing. Let me repeat that, “Our children will have nothing to look forward to. Our grandchildren and perhaps all future generat-ions will be enslaved to China. And it will all be because we blindly elected a man to be president because he was good looking and spoke well. But we knew nothing about him. Now we know and we should be very, very afraid!” Now, I’m not making light of our worrisome national debt, it’s concerned me for a very long time. But were these people on Saturn the past ten years as the previous administration ran up then-record debt year after year? Where were their voices then? Either an issue is important or it isn’t…we can’t expect our politicians to give us any sort of accountability when we pretend something matters when one guy is in office and don’t give a damn when someone else takes the helm.


Wake Me When…

19 03 2009


Enough already!

I don’t care about the damned AIG bonuses. It’s less than one tenth of a percent of the money we gave them. Yep, it’s an outrage. Yep, I’d LOVE to find a job that would reward me for running a company into the ground with millions in bonuses. Yep, I’d like to string the folks who got those bonuses up by their high-priced undies, cover ’em in honey, and then drop ’em on an anthill. But I don’t want to hear anymore about it.

Wake me when someone has an idea for making that company profitable again. Since I, Mr. Taxpayer, now own 80 percent of it, I’ll be looking forward to the day it’s stocks are once again worth $60 a share.

Enough already!

I don’t care if Octomommy went to Walgreen’s. I don’t care if she went shopping for a layette or 14. I don’t care if Angelina is her idol, if she paid for those ridiculous lips with a foodstamp, and I can just about guess what her neighbor’s think of the latest family on their block, so I don’t need Inside Edition to bring me a special on their reactions.

Wake me when whatever doctor it is who decided to implant 8 embryos into a welfare mom with 6 kids has his license yanked. Or nudge me if she comes out with a new stretch-mark cream cause you know her stomach looks like a map of the Mississippi watershed.

Enough already!

I no longer care for guesses and speculation. It is not newsworthy to report when someone THINKS the recession might end. It’s not worth a headline to tell us what someone guesses MIGHT happen, MAY occur, or COULD be the case. If I want to hear a bunch of crap I’ll call up Lady Cleo.

Wake me when someone actually knows something.


Enough already!

I know it’s refreshing to have a young family in the White House. But I no longer care if the Obamas get a swingset. I’ve heard all I need to about the puppy that will one day poop on the rug of the Lincoln Bedroom. I don’t care if the First Lady wears a pantsuit or a Pull Up. We get it! They’re just like us, only richer, more powerful, and not worried about losing their jobs for at least three more years.

Wake me when everything he is doing actually starts working. If it doesn’t work, just let me sleep.

Enough already!

I don’t need a breaking stock market report anymore. We all know it’s up and down more than a Whack-a-Mole game lately.

Just wake me when I can open my investment statements without a box of tissues and a nerve pill handy.

Enough already!

Stop giving these talentless starlets attention! I don’t give a damn if Lindsay Lohan is into the hole or the pole today. I won’t lose any sleep if I’m not up to date on her arrest record. We already know Paris Hilton is a class-free dumpster slut. It’s no longer “news” that she’s sleeping with someone, that she bought a tacky new car, and I sure don’t care what her opinions are on current events.

Wake me when one of these “ladies” displays talent that deserves our attention.

Enough Already!

22 01 2009

I was eating dinner last night and the folks on Entertainment Tonight were talking about it. The interwebs are abuzz. The Today Show did a piece on it. Then this morning I go to check my email and their is a link to an article about it. I’m talking about the First Family’s wardrobe and I am puzzled as to why we even give a shit. That President Obama got his bow tie from J. Crew is of no interest to me. That Mrs. Obama chose a young, relatively unknown designer for her ball gown is an admirable (and fashionistas might say) gutsy move, but not one that deserves headlines.


Now, I was anxious to see what she would wear for inauguration, but only because the red and black number she wore the night Barack accepted the nomination was, to my eye, a monstrosity that made her look like the Bride of Satan emerging from the fires of hell. (Apologies to Narciso Rodriguez–it would be a fine dress for a cocktail party, but it looked like something from the Penney’s sale rack on national TV)

I thought the Isabel Toledo outfit Michelle wore for the swearing in was gorgeous. The color complimented her complexion perfectly. That it was exquisitely made was obvious, and it had a timeless, yet trendy appeal that suited her very well.

But then came the much-talked-about Jason Wu Ball Gown. That I seem to be the only one who didn’t like it probably says more about my fashion sense than it does about the gown, but the damned thing looked like something you’d wear to a country prom! Or maybe as a SECOND wedding dress. The single strap bothered me, I can’t decide if it looked more like an afterthought, or like it had lost it’s twin. And it seemed like she had to constantly adjust it to keep from tripping on the hems. And all those skinny bangle bracelets. Was there a sale at Claire’s or what?

Let’s hope all this wardrobe nonsense is over. We ought to be much more concerned with how he will lead the country than where he got his socks and what her coat is lined in.

Who’s Best For the Economy?

30 10 2008

Like the lil elephant says, “I always thought Democrats were the big spenders!” The rhetoric just doesn’t match the record.

But let’s talk taxes. The Tax Policy Institute has a pretty good explanation of what each candidate proposes HERE. Take from it what you will…some say the economy is best served when the highest earners get a bigger break, some think it’s best to “spread the wealth.”

Monday Morning Mish Mash

20 10 2008

1. One of my earliest posts was about the navigation system in my car, and how I would rather have a more entertaining voice to guide me from place to place. While this won’t help me, since it’s only for Tom-Tom models, I may be one step closer to achieving that reality if NavTones keeps broadening their market. You can get Kim Catrall, Burt Reynolds, a granny, a cowboy, or a gay lover. If they get Wanda Sykes to work in my car, I’m in!

2. Well…she’s out. Mama left the loony bin last Thursday. She sounded more like herself, but her stay didn’t do a thing to help her make healthy decisions. She was calling from her ex-husband turned sometime live-in boyfriend’s place. Or, I should say, his PARENT’S place–yep, he’s in his 50’s and still lives with his mommy when he isn’t living with mine.

3. Politics is serious business…so lets have some fun with it. Click here to play Palin as President. (You can click on most of the objects in the oval office)

4. And in more fun political business…I guess by now everyone has seen McCain snatch the mic from an old geezer who insisted that Obama was an “Arab”. I thought it was very classy of him, and would love to see how he might react to this woman (thanks Jamie):

5. The past few days have seen COLD temperatures late at night and early in the morning. Perfect sleeping weather! I can not get outta bed. But it’s also the first time that I’ve had to experience cold mornings on the travertine floor that was installed in my master bath back in the spring. Talk about a wake up call.

6. We’re all stressed lately. (If you’re not, please let me know your secret). But this morning’s little poster reminds us not to take it all too seriously.

Which Candidate Will Sock Ya in the Pocketbook?

30 09 2008

There’s much talk of what candidate will raise taxes, and who will cut them. Check this site and find out which one will affect you…let me know what you think of the results.

All in the name of making an informed vote!

Monday Morning Mish-Mash

29 09 2008

1. Well, I broke down and joined the iPod revolution. I resisted for years, annoyed as I was by the constant barrage of little white headphones at the gym, the mall, in traffic, and virtually anywhere else. My car has the ability to play an iPod through the navigation screen, and after trying one out at the gym, I decided it would make a great birthday gift. So, I collected Best Buy cards and ordered my new iPod touch this morning.

2. I found the funniest site. You upload a pic of yourself and it transforms it into a yearbook photo from the past…you can choose from dozens from the 1950s all the way to 2000. Here’s what I might look like if it were 1978:


I swear I look just like my 10th grade biology teacher.

3. Politics. I can not wait for this election to be over. As I’ve said before, I don’t care who anyone votes for, but I wish everyone would educate themselves on the issues before heading to the polls. Also, if you’re going to point fingers at one candidate, you better make sure the other one isn’t just as guilty. Much has been made on the interwebs (and on the editorial page of my local paper) about Barack Obama’s $28,000 a plate fundraiser with some folks from Hollywood. A letter to the editor I read today used this fundraiser as an example of how out of touch Obama is, how unlike the common person, and how crazy such a fundraiser was in these economic times. Good points all, but the author (and the bloggers and forum commenters before him) failed to mention that McCain hosted a fundraising dinner the week prior with an entry price of $50,000 per plate. Does that make him almost twice as out of touch? Twice as unlike the common man? And twice as crazy? You decide.

4. I started up an old hobby this weekend. As a kid, I built several dollhouses. Then, a few years ago, I built another one that ended up going to a coworker’s two young daughters. I’ve had another kit sitting in the garage for over three years, and finally have found the time and desire to make it happen–though I still haven’t found the know-how to make it happen smoothly. It’s been a weekend of cursing and throwing things.

5. No real point to this morning’s inspirational poster. It is wrong on so many levels. Thanks to Dawtch for sending it to me! Seems like an awfully busy intersection for someone in a wheelchair to be traversing. Over the weekend, someone referred to someone in a wheelchair as “HANDICAPABLE“. Have we become so PC?? Handicapable seems a little condescending to me…sort of like when Willard Scott refers to his birthday club members as being “101 years YOUNG”. Folks, you know you are older than dirt when people start referring to you as “so many years young.”