Death and Other Niceties

12 11 2014

My former step-grandmother passed away this weekend. Of course, long time readers know I probably have a half dozen of those, but this was the mother of the stepfather mama was married to for over ten years when I was a child. I have warm memories of spending Christmas Eve at their house, Sunday dinners and all that. After Mama dove into the deep end of the loony pool, step-granny and her husband (who’s funeral you might remember from a few years back) were very good to my sister  (their granddaughter)–giving her a home, a car, and ultimately, a funeral. For that I am always thankful.  I also remember that she always stocked her pantry with the store brand Pop Tarts. Now, I am all for saving a dollar. But there are some places where a penny can not be pinched. Pop Tarts. Peanut Butter. And toilet paper.

I digress…

Reminded of how short life is…I called my own grandmother yesterday. It had been a month or so since I talked to her. This is mama’s mama…though if you met the two, you’d wonder how on earth that could be the case. My granny is suffering from dementia. Suffer isn’t the right word…she always sounds upbeat, and I’m certain she doesn’t realize that during my calls we might have the same conversation three different times. I’m fortunate to have my grandmothers (my stepmother’s mama is also still with us) this long. There aren’t many people as close to 40 as I am who can say that. Because of her mental state, we all try NOT to give granny anything to worry about. If she knows one of her loved ones is upset or facing a struggle of some sort, it does affect her even if she can’t remember the specifics of what that trouble is.  So naturally, I was not going to tell her anything about my recent dust up with mama. However, mama sure had. Granny asked if I had talked to mama recently. I told her it had been a few weeks. She told me that Mama was staying with Kenny, far as she knew, but she figured mama would be happier in her own place and wondered why she didn’t take an apartment somewhere. I agreed, and that was that. Then Granny asked “are you all doing ok?” I said we were, and she said “no I mean you and your mom, you aren’t getting along are you?” This infuriates me. Naturally, Mama calls granny dozens of times a day to bitch and moan about whatever self-inflicted drama she’s in that day. Why trouble a sick old woman with that nonsense?? I simply told Granny “Well, you know she can be difficult to deal with.” and left it at that.

Changing lanes…hold on.

We spent the last two weekends putting up our interior Christmas decorations. We always do it earlier than usual because we enjoy them, and its a lot of dang work to only have up for a few weeks. And with travel and work commitments, sometimes the trees start coming out the day after Halloween. We put up nine trees this year. One in the music room, one in the dining room, three in the family room, one in the foyer, one in the study, one in the morning room, and one small one for the kitchen (which may get moved to the master bedroom.). Then we started looking at dates to do our annual Christmas party. There just aren’t enough weekends in December. We had to settle on a weekend earlier than we really wanted, and come to find out, we had another event that night that we’d forgotten to put on our calendars. Oh well, guess you can’t do it all.








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9 01 2015

WHEN are you going to start blogging again???????

4 02 2015
The Vinyl Villager

I’m working on it!

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