Will you be Mama’s Friend?

7 10 2014

Mama has gotten herself a new Facebook account. Somehow the woman who neither knows what “caps lock” is or how to engage it, has figured out how to set up an email address and a new facebook account.

When she sent me her first friend request, I held back, waiting to see if she had learned her lesson. (I’d had a talk with her about sending requests to people she didn’t know…stressing that it was not only inappropriate and a potential safety issue, but that it was against the terms of use for the site.) And do you think she learned her lesson?

Well lets just say that a week into her new account, I got her third friend request. So I popped over to see who her friends were. One might think she had spent years as an African missionary….because top of the list are Abualima Salim, Kewsi Acquati, Nandy Bojang, Hessan Al Selammee, Ghasan Al-Atban, ناس لاسيا, Ihicheder Jiokie,  and Sulaman Bu Nyagwara.

After the third request, I messaged her that I would not be accepting her as a friend on the site until she learned how to use it properly. So today the fourth request came. And once more I popped over to her page, thinking maybe, just maybe, my gentle rebuke about internet safety had not fallen on deaf ears.

Her newest friends are Adittosoye Atinyoloke, Lamin Sarjo Farhid, Muhammed Atmed Aho, Moudu Conteh, and อั้น ผิวอ่อน.

Even funnier, or perhaps more pitiful depending on ones point of view, are the comments section of the only picture she has up. Apparently there is a love triangle going on that just adds to our strain in the middle east: (Ive not bothered to redact any names, because if she’s willing to take all comers, I see no need.)

MamaFirst of all…do her comments even make sense???

Second…”damsel princesses” are not as young as they used to be are they?

Thirdly, is Ahmed Mahoudi my new stepdaddy?? Do I need to send a gift? Is wood still the traditional gift for a fifth wedding, or is that fifth anniversary? Am I obliged to send a gift since I wasn’t invited to the wedding?

Finally…when someone says “the beauty of you is hard to be seen?” is that a nice way of saying “damn, you ugly”?





11 responses

7 10 2014
Elizabeth Gaucher

Okay, this is beyond hilarious. God bless you. You have to friend her for the material!

7 10 2014
The Vinyl Villager

Well, I would. But last time she was sending messages and friend requests to anyone who commented on anything I posted.

7 10 2014
Elizabeth Gaucher

Ah, I see the ethical dilemma.

7 10 2014

Hello Vinyl Villager,
I used to read your blog religiously but life got in the way and I didn’t have a lot of time to spend reading blogs as I once did. I’m very happy to see that you are still writing.
God bless you on your journey with Mama~
🙂 Tami
(I used to write the blog, “I Can’t Believe Anyone Would Want To Read This”)

7 10 2014
The Vinyl Villager

Tami, so good to hear from you! I dont read or write like I used to either…but use it for a good vent session when I need to!

7 10 2014
NoeNoe Girl

Glad you share Mama on FB! I need it!

7 10 2014
The Vinyl Villager

have you gotten a friend request from the new her yet?

7 10 2014
Peggy Plumley

She’s a mess. You’re next step-daddy is going to be a Nigerian scammer. Oh lawsy!

7 10 2014
The Vinyl Villager

well, is “scammer” a job? Because if it is, he would still be a step up from the last one.

7 10 2014

Poor, poor misguided Joey Mudock! Haha!

7 10 2014
The Vinyl Villager

bless him. I went to his facebook page, and he seems younger than I am.

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