It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

3 12 2013

A short post just because I haven’t written anything in ages. Its start to looking like Christmas around here. We’ve got our usual Christmas extravaganza up…eight trees this year, 2000 lights on the front of the house, and pine boughs tied to anything that would sit still. Usually by this point I’ve bought a few gifts and at least have an idea on how I will finish up my shopping, but this year I am clueless and the clock is ticking!

We had the pooch neutered about a month ago. That was an adventure. The doctors orders were to keep him calm for ten days, with no jumping or running. How does one get a six month old puppy to stay calm? Well, for us, the answer was drugs. At least we hoped it was. They would  knock him out for a ten minute nap and then he would resume his normal activities. (ie: running laps around the house, eating Christmas decorations, and hiding my socks.) Fortunately, he did no damage to himself in the process.

Then Darling had wisdom tooth surgery. An infection, over a week of pain, and lingering facial numbness were the after effects. It was little comfort when I pointed out that we have friends who spend good money to have their faces paralyzed.

My dad turns 60 today. I really think 60 (or for that matter, 50) is a lot different now than it was a generation ago. My grandparents were in their 50s when I was born, and when I see pictures from then, they LOOKED like grandparents. (And probably acted like them too) But today’s 50+ folks look and act younger. I’m hoping that by the time I get there, 80 is the new 50.  We’re planning to load up a rented SUV and take the little furbaby up to the mountains to celebrate this milestone this coming weekend.

And Mama has finally been served with notice to vacate her property. Anyone with a brain saw this coming long before she stopped paying for it and maintaining it. But she didn’t tell me about it, one of my aunts did after seeing the certified letter at my grandmother’s house. Mama, true to form, has two weeks to get out and has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to pack, find a new home, or make any arrangements for the sale or moving of her double wide. I suppose she will just lose all of it, and all I want to do is slap the stupid out of her.





2 responses

4 12 2013
I Am Woody

My Dad will be 78 on the 16th. He can work circles around most people 1/3 of his age. I foresee him living to be 129! 🙂

6 12 2013
Liz C.

I haven’t been here for quite some time but I really was sick & in the hospital for a bit. Hope you’ll forgive me.

You know, of course, there is no cure for stupid, especially when it involves family members who are off their rockers, right? She’s probably waiting for an offer from you, to move in with you. God forbid!

As far as keeping a puppy calm after parts removal… I agree drugs are the only choice. Considering how many times animals have been sacrificed during movie-making, I’m pretty sure PETA won’t be coming after you. I think they have their hands full with bigger fish to fry. Perhaps that is not the best reference?

Now that I’m 61, I know times have changed, so I agree with you. Maybe 80 IS the new 60. Well, I’m hoping to live that long, with a bit of luck. Thank Heaven I’m not a granny yet. I still say the f word for crying out loud. I’m clearly not granny material…

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas (crazy mother-free) with your new canine family member!

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