And What’s Mama Been Up To?

12 10 2013

I’m sure my readers are wondering what Mama has been  up to.

Well let’s talk about her cell phone first. She has one of those pre-paid plans. This is really perfect for her…no contract, no credit check (she couldn’t pass that anyway—because of her divorce 20 some years ago, you know.) And for $50 a month she gets unlimited talk and text. (Less than half of what I am paying for similar service!)

But, the phone itself is garbage. She tries to Facebook on it, and ends up sharing a photo of marijuana with a prayer group, or sending messages to the wrong person. No less than six phone calls came from Mama asking what phone she ought to get. My simple answer of an iPhone or an Android weren’t good enough.

“I dont know if they have those with this prepaid service.”

“Then find out.”

“Where do I find out?”

“Online, or wherever it is you got the first one.”


“Then thats a start.”

Later that same day….

“Maybe next time you’re in walmart  you can see what kind of phone I can get.”

“I dont even know what kind of plan you are talking about. What company do you use?”

“I buy these recharge cards…”

“From what company?”

“I get ’em at gas stations or walmart.”

“But what BRAND are they?”

“Its a Kyocera.”

“Not the damn phone, who provides the service?? Is it Verizon, or AT and T?”

“No thats who I need to be on, Verizon. They got them friends and family plans.”

(Long time readers might recall a year or two ago I got a call from Verizon because Mama was trying to add herself a line to my plan.)

“Verizon would be a lot more expensive than what you’re paying now.”

“No it costs me 50 bucks a month!”

“Mine is over $100 for practically the same thing! $50 is a helluva deal for unlimited.”

“But this phone sucks.”

“Then get a new one!”

“But what kind?”

“Jesus Christ. I told you, an android or an iPhone would be good.”

“I don’t know what kind I can get on this plan. Maybe you could look for me the next time you go to Wal Mart.”

“I don’t have time to deal with your damn phone or for talking in circles about it. Go down to Wal Mart and find out what your options are, and if you need some advice then call me.”

“Well maybe you could look on your computer…”

“No. I couldn’t.”


“I can’t log you on from here! Turn off your caps lock, your Facebook password is lowercase.”


“You are typing in all capital letters. Your password is lowercase. Your caps lock is on.”


“I don’t know where it is on your phone.”




“Just turn the fucking phone off and back on again.”

A few minutes later….

“that worked must a needed to be restarted.”



A few days later, a phone call came from Mama. She was in a panic, nearly in tears. “They broke into the trailer again.”

This would be at least the fifth time her abandoned, overgrown double wide has been broken into. Its a puzzle to her why people keep breaking into a trailer with grass four feet tall that is clearly unlived in. “They took the living room suit, and that dining table that I bought when you were two with money I got from a car wreck!” (the woman has never had a dime she worked for.)

“Well what do you expect?”

“I went to the police but they can’t do nothing. They said a single disabled woman ought not live out there by herself.”

“You haven’t lived there in years.”

“It’s too much work. I don’t have anything to prove to anybody. And they’re gonna take that land for commercial use.”

“Well there’s not much left for you to move then.”

It is kind of sad. She had a perfectly nice little home and through her own stupidity is basically left with nothing now. I can’t feel sorry for her though. Does that make me awful?






2 responses

14 10 2013

So where is Mama living? I thought her trailer was getting cleaned up….. sort of. She find a new boyfriend or an old one??

14 10 2013
The Vinyl Villager

well she stays with granny until she needs a break. (You know its exhausting opening those cans of Chef Boyardee and calling the ambulance anytime one of them sniffles.) Then she goes back to the trailer park (not hers…her “friends”) I dont think shes spend a night in her own trailer in years.

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