Iona Needs Some Flowers

9 05 2013

Day before yesterday was my daughters birthday. And didn’t  nobody send me any flowers. She’s been gone five years now. The police said it was a drunk driving accident, but I know somehow her fiance escaped from jail and cut her brake lines. He didn’t  have no reason to, and I can’t quite piece together how he rigged it for the brakes to fail once she was 200 miles away on that icy curve, but I know he did it.

I called my son and left a message and told him  he better send me some flowers, and reminded him of the address down here at Rusty’s place. I didn’t hear back from him, so I called again 15 minutes later. He said I already had some flowers comin’ for Mother’s day. And I said “well what’s that got to do with your sister’s birthday?”  While I had him on the phone I wanted to make sure he remembered MY birthday was coming soon too…and told him I wanted a gift certificate to get me some new brassieres. Smart mouthed little asshole said he wasn’t contributing to another piece of clothing coming in this house and that he might send us a gift certificate to go out and eat. All because my house is kinda cluttered! He knows I aint got much closet space, and I’d get it cleaned up but nowadays won’t nobody help a person!

I don’t know what’s wrong with that boy. They take a cruise every year and ain’t ONCE invited me to go. He told me how much it cost once and he knows I can’t afford that. I’m on a fixed income! Seems like they’d put it in the budget a little bit each month so I could take a vacation too…after all, I’m the one that had him! Nobody seems to understand I need a break from all this! I sure didn’t raise him that way. Sure didn’t.

Oh well. I guess I’m gonna go lay down. I still ain’t quite back on my feet from being at the hospital. You know if I’d waited another 15 minutes before I called that ambulance, I wouldn’t even be here to talk to you. They guaranteed me that!





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