Iona’s Tooozdeee Musings

23 04 2013

The doctor said if I’d let that infection go another week or two, I might not  even be here now. That kidney infection went all in  my blood. Never been so sick! They kept me down on the mental ward for part of it to watch my blood work. That way I wouldn’t  have to go back and forth those four miles from the hospital to get stuck with a needle. I told ’em I wasn’t leaving til they found out what was wrong with me.

But I’m worn out. I ain’t left the trailer since I got back. I’m supposed to take it easy.

But let me tell ya about my family. Most dysfunctional sons of bitches you ever met. I always thought family was supposed to be there for ya  but not these days. I asked if they would take up a collection and help me get some new appliances for out there to my trailer so I could move home. I gotta get away from Rusty. He ain’t never gonna quit drinking. And not one of them would help me. Somebody said I ought to go get a job,  but if I’d have waited another day or two to go to the hospital, the nurse said I’d have been dead for sure.  But they said I couldn’t even live out there until it was cleaned up. Damn thieves broke in there twice and made the biggest damn mess you ever saw. Who would do that to a person? But how am I supposed to get it cleaned up if I ain’t living there? My son said I could go out during the day and work on that while Rusty was at work. But I gotta get that Ford Tempo on the road first. I can’t sit out there all day without a car. What if I need cigarettes or something? And then there’s gas money. It’s file miles from the trailer park out there to my old place, and with gas what it is these days, who can afford it? I’m on a fixed income! I noticed today I got 120 friends on that Facebook! I know most of ’em. One of them’s a guy I knew years ago. He’s a doctor now. Does some kinda ultrasonics. Hit on me big time once! I think I’ma see if he’s still interested. It’s time I lived life for me, maybe I can land a rich husband so I can finally take it easy. So I got Florence to take some new pictures of me. These hormones they got me on have given me these big titties so I put a cute tank top on. I need to color my  hair but I looked alright. Ain’t a man alive I can’t turn on!

Anyway, I better go lay down. I still ain’t feeling 100 percent. You know if I’d waited another hour or two to get to the hospital, I’da dropped dead. It’s gonna take a little time before Im back on my feet, but I’ll get there. I’m tough.

Bye for now! And remember, God loves you.




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