Iona Traylors Mundee Complaints

15 04 2013

I’m worn out. Plumb worn out. My feet are bout to kill me from walking up and down the halls at that hospital. Kept me in there 19 days this time. Figured out I had a narrow urethra that was causin all them kidney problems. Opened it right up without any anesthesia or a pain pill or nothin. But I’m tough.

A friend a Rusty’s has a used frigidaire for only $225. I need me some appliances so I can move back out to my old trailer, cause I am ready to leave Rusty for good this time. Won’t be like the last 12 times…he aint gonna sweet talk his way back in no more. I caint decide if I ought to get the registration on that Ford Tempo up to date or buy this fridgidaire. I’m on a fixed income, so I caint do it all. And ain’t got nobody to help me! I only get $720 a month plus my food stamps, how they expect someone to make it on that?

My mom’ll give me that washer and dryer she has down in the basement, and Im hopin once I tell this fella the situation he might just give me that frigidaire. That’ll just leave a stove and I can go home. But I ain’t doin’ it for myself, I think it’ll be good for my mom. She’s got dementia and they say if you keep ’em active, its good for ’em. So me and her can go out to my trailer and plant flowers. Cause nobody but me helps with her. And you’d think I was askin’ for a million dollars when I told the family I need me some new appliances. They don’t know what a big help I am. If they was to have to pay somebody to take care of Mom they’d have to give ten dollars an hour, minimum. I told em I’d take five or six under the table, you know, so I dont have to give up my benefits, and they said they werent goin to jail for me. Horse shit! The governments got bigger fish to fry.

My phones been ringing off the hook…that little girl that used to be my neighbors callin my phone and hanging up every time I answer. My son said I ought to just ignore her calls and she’d give up, but aint nobody gonna treat me that way. I had my friend Florence call her and tell her to leave me alone. That seemed the sensible thing, get someone else involved so she’d know I aint one to be reckoned with. She calls me again and I’ll take that phone down to the state police! She’s probably just lookin for drugs! I ain’t got any except what the doctor prescribes!

Oh well. I guess I’m gonna go lay down, I’m worn out. Probably won’t get a wink a sleep with her callin me.

Bye for now, and remember, God loves you!
Iona Traylor





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