“Please excuse the foul odor of our waiting room. Apparently, a critter is deceased on top of our roof & we can’t reach it.”

12 04 2013

That’s what it said on the door of Dr. Swirl’s office. I knew I was in for a treat. My back’s been hurtin something awful. Ever since I fell and broke my tailbone at the drive in 20 some years ago, I get flare ups that put me down in the bed for days. So when I woke up that morning I was hurtin so bad I couldn’t hardly make it to the bathroom. Rusty’s been trying to get in some extra shifts at the water plant, and my friend Florence next door got herself declared legally blind, so she caint drive anymore.  I knew I wasn’t in no shape to drive myself, trying to get that Ford Tempo in reverse makes my shoulder act up, so I had to call me an ambulance.

Sat in that damn ER for seven hours before they even saw me. I caint believe they treat people that way! Doctor didn’t speak a lick of English and said there was nothing “conclusive” in the tests, and I should follow up with my regular doctor. So I called up Dr. Swirl and she couldn’t get me worked in for a week. I laid on that couch for three days, before I called up there and said they needed to get me in right now! And they did! Dr. Swirl knows if I say I’m hurtin’, I’m hurtin’, cause I ain’t one to complain.
That office smelled like a damn sewer. I told that reception girl that I was gonna go wait in my car and they needed to come and get me when it was my turn cause it couldn’t be healthy smelling that. By the time they got  me back there to see Dr. Swirl two  hours later, I was worn plumb out. The seats in the Ford don’t have good support, so my tailbone was aching, and I’d worn a blister on my foot walking back and forth to make sure they hadn’t forgot I was waiting outside.

But Dr. Swirl put me on a different medicine for my nerves and told me to start taking a couple more of them pink pills for my back, and told me to just slow down and take it easy til I feel better. She don’t want me up on my feet for a few days. It sucks getting old. I reckon I’ma call my sister in law and see if she’ll bring some food down here for us.

That’s all for now!

Iona Traylor

And remember, God loves you!




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12 04 2013
The Incredible Woody

Iona would be fast friends with the lady next to me in line at the bank a few days ago. She complained about the hot weather we were having for a solid 5 minutes.

It was a perfect 75* sunny spring day.

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