Introducing a New Guest Writer

12 04 2013

A few folks have expressed an interest in hearing about the goings on from the other side. And so, I’d like to introduce a special guest who may pop in from time to time.

Please meet Mrs. Iona Traylor:


Mrs. Traylor was the queen of the Coalfields Ball in 1973. She has attended a number of universities and trade schools, and most recently worked as a beautician at Norma’s Hair ‘N’ Things (If your hair’s not becoming to you, you should be coming to Norma’s!), before becoming disabled in 1988 due to an unfortunate accident at Monroe’s Drive-In and Flea Market. Iona is three times divorced, but she and hubby number four, Russell “Rusty” Traylor, have had six years of bliss in Mountain Manor, a tight knit community of mobile homes. Her hobbies include video lottery, thrift shopping, and medical research. After a lifetime of sacrifice, catering to three worthless husbands, and raising two ungrateful children, Iona has decided it’s time she looked out for number one, and looks forward to sharing her thoughts and experiences here until she decides to start her own blog.




3 responses

12 04 2013


12 04 2013

Goings on from the other side of what??

15 04 2013
The Vinyl Villager

from the other side of reality. (AKA…goings on from my crazy mamas point of view)

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