I Almost Forgot…

28 11 2012

I forgot a funny bit of conversation. Let me give a little backup…30 years ago, literally, Mama met with a lady who was about to open what would become one of my hometowns best known and longest running child care centers. I don’t remember the reason for the meeting–could be she just ran into her at the Acme market, but the entrepreneur mentioned that they had not settled on a name for the place yet. Mama mentioned that she had seen a child care place called “Butterflies and Bullfrogs” at the beach. Weeks later, the place opened under the name “Bullfrogs and Butterflies”, and Mama has considered her naming the place one of her life’s high points.

Over our Thanksgiving visit, Mama asked about one of my friend’s kids. The youngest had for a time, attended “Bullfrogs and Butterflies” pre-K program.

“I named that place!” she offered, as if any of us might have forgotten.

“And can you believe she didn’t even offer me a job!”

“Were you looking for one?” I asked, incredulous. Folks who read here know that Mama and a job go together like Michael Vick and a PETA Convention.

“Well no, but she could have offered me one.”

Granny piped up now. “Call ’em back. Maybe they’re hiring now!” Granny has joined me over the years in pressing Mama to do something with her life other than take up space.

Mama laughed. “Its a full time job here!” she said, waving her hand around Grannys living room. How she figures that is unknown to me. Granny’s house is tiny…it could be cleaned top to bottom in two hours by any normal person. And while its probably not a good idea for Granny to live alone anymore, she certainly capable of taking care of all of her own needs. Its not like shes an invalid. I wish, for even a week, Mama had a real honest to God full time job. Add to that, a few hours of work to bring home every night, and a house to clean, kids to feed. (You know, what all of the normal world does every day.) She’d no doubt be in the hospital for exhaustion by Tuesday.




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