It’s All Fun and Games Til Someone Takes out the Baby with an Ashtray

14 10 2012

The blog well has been a bit dry, folks. Mama has been staying at HER mama’s house, playing the part of caretaker and “woe is me, I’ve sacrificed it all to care for the elderly cause no one else will.” Having played the dead child card til the poor thing was dog eared and threadbare, dealing from the deck of beleaguered and thankless nursemaid is right up her alley. Truth told, Granny is probably doing more caretaking than mama is.

But, busy as she is doling out blood pressure medicine and making runs to Tudors biscuit world, Mama has found little time to make her usual five phone calls to me a day. And since she actually has something to do, she hasn’t been making her usual mischief.

But, with or without her there, life goes on at the trailer park, as I found out last week when Mama’s friend Delores sent me a panicked message on Facebook. She wanted to know how to get in touch with mom, whose gubment provided cell phone gives callers a disconnected message. After giving her my grandmother’s phone number, I went through the pleasantries of asking her how she was. Her reply, once I deciphered the collection of letters and symbols,  was that she was awful, her daughter had attacked her.

A ringy-ding from Mama later that night filled in the rest. Apparently, Delores’ daughter is “bad news”, but Delores’ boyfriend “Andy” had “decided to give her the benefit of the doubt so she could get back on her feet” (the denizens of the trailer park must walk around on shoes made of ice given the amount of time they are OFF their feet), and had invited her and her toddler son to come stay with he and Delores in their modular manse.

Now, who knows what prompted it, but a fight broke out, the daughter was swinging punches, the boyfriend tried to break it up, and Delores threw an ashtray meant for her daughter and hit the baby instead. The po-lease and the folks from Child Protective Services swarmed in and everyone was hauled off to the care of the state.

Mama advised that Delores might not be the best choice of friends…a ringing endorsement if ever there was one.

And how was YOUR week?




2 responses

14 10 2012

The drama continues. No more sugar daddies at the moment, so she’s stooped low enough to use her mother as her latest sugar mama. Shame! Oh, she doesn’t have any….I forgot.

15 10 2012

My week was wonderful now that I know you are, indeed, alive! LOL

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