How the Days Pass…

14 04 2012

I’m not even going to bother to apologize for neglecting this blog so much. I’ve done it too many times. The truth is, I stop in when I have something to say and have a few moments to say it…finding both lately has been a challenge!

A little catch up, though:

In my last post, done more than two weeks ago, I was waiting on the delivery of some Mary Kay products from my crazy mama. And I’m still waiting. First, she was down for the count because the grass mowing activities of the trailer court had wrecked her allergies to the point she wasn’t able to pull herself to the post office. And in the weeks since, one illness after another has befallen her, making it nigh on impossible to drive the mile to mail the parcel. Fortunately for her, she has not cashed the check I sent for the items,  because if she had found the strength to go to the bank, I’m almost to the point I would have had her arrested for theft.

Mama and Kenny, thought “DONE” two weeks ago, are apparently not quite through with one another. I’ll pause while you recover from the shock of hearing they are back together…

OK. Yeah, she is still laid up at Casa Kenny. Maybe once she has her strength back, she can start “cleaning up” her house and return there.

My grandmother, crazy mama’s mama, is in the hospital. At Thanksgiving, I thought something was wrong with her…while she is in her late 80’s, she has always been sharp as a tack, and she just seemed tired and disoriented. (Repeating herself multiple times over the course of just a few minutes.) I voiced some concern, but everyone seemed to think it was just old age. Had the change been more gradual, I would have agreed, but it just seemed to fast. Well this week, her doctor had reason to suspect that she has had one, or a series, of small strokes in the past months. Tests are being run to determine what happened, and what treatment there may be, but even before this diagnosis, some of us in the family had begun to discuss the possibility that Granny shouldn’t live alone anymore.  Several family members have homes that are laid out with spare bedrooms arranged such that Granny could move in and not have to worry with stairs, and any one of them would be happy to have  her. Im sure Granny’s preference would be to live alone in her own house for as long as she has on this earth, but none of us know what her choice is beyond that. But Crazy Mama has already declared that she is gonna pack her bags and move in with Granny once she is back from the hospital. I have little doubt that Granny would rather go to a nursing home. Granny’s house is small…and while she has spent her entire adult life there, it is not laid out such that more than one person could be comfortable there for more than a week or two. Poor Granny would have Mama up in her face day in and day out. I’ve no doubt that whatever happens where Granny is concerned will be cause for high drama where Mama is concerned.

Should she, through some turn of lunacy, move in to “care” for Granny…none of us will ever hear the end of her “sacrifice”. Get the cross and the nails, ready kids, Mama plays the martyr when she has no reason…if she’s helping out at Granny’s, we may as well prepare the Pope that mom will be asking for sainthood. And if common sense prevails, and some other arrangements are made, it will be equal cause for hysterics on her part.

Anyhoodles, poodles. My better half and I just got back from vacation–a fantastic cruise to the Southern Caribbean, with stops in Aruba, Curacao, and the Bahamas, and many restful and glorious days at sea on a luxurious boat filled with delicious food. It was a much needed vacation, as this year has been incredibly busy for work so far.I’ve wrapped up three new custom homes, three pool  houses, two  renovations, and done the design portion on three more custom homes. Plus a handful of interior design projects. Plus my day job. Prior to vacation, there was a period of six weeks where I literally came  home from work, had dinner, then stayed up working til the wee hours. I’m not complaining–after the slow few years that came before this one, it’s kind of nice to be swamped again.






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14 04 2012
The Incredible Woody

We totally need to introduce Mama to my stepmonster. Oh, the pointers on self-sacrifice they could give each other!

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