Are You A Bullshit Believer?

24 01 2012

It’s election time, in case you’ve had your TV turned off for the past two years. (Elections, like Christmas, seem to start earlier every year, don’t they?)

Much talk is given to the deficit. And rightly so, we should all be concerned about our level of national debt. But the people who are suddenly crying loudest were suspiciously and hypocritically silent up until this administration came into office.

So, a little lesson for anyone out there who thinks the guy in charge has some lock on deficit creation. Don’t believe the bullshit your favorite pundits feed you.




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24 01 2012

I need a xanax that will last through November please.

24 01 2012
The Vinyl Villager

I could probably get you one!

25 01 2012

This one’s a mystery to me. It really is. It seems as though we have some sort of Bushnesia where no one can remember how we got here. And I really believe we were in much worse economic shape than anyone knew. Of course, Newt is living proof that if you just say the sky is orange often enough, a high percent of the registered voters in South Carolina will believe you and forget entirely about looking up and seeing it was blue. People are just that stupid.

28 01 2012
The Vinyl Villager

I’m with you! Most voters surveyed tell us that their major concerns are the economy and the deficit.
Now, I wish the current admin had done more to boost the economy (not that I know what that would be), but it has slowly headed in the right direction the past couple of years. And I wish we hadn’t added to the deficit, but we added to it in bad times. Why anyone would consider sending the people who ran up trillions in deficits during a stretch of relative prosperity is beyond me. And I’m no economist but I think much of the economic downturn is because there was little regulation to keep the sort of “creative” loaning, etc. from happening. And the republicans are proudly running on a platform of reducing regulation! It blows my mind! I simply cant imagine voting for a Republican unless you have Alzheimers.

3 02 2012
Cookie Parker

Corporations are monopolies in the media, too. Not much was reported on Bush.

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