The Origins of Oral Sex

9 01 2012

“Hi honey, can I ask you a question?”

Anytime a conversation with mama starts that way, hilarity is to follow.

Sure, shoot.”

“Who invented oral sex?”


“Who invented it? How long’s it been around?”

“I know I’ll regret asking, but why?”

“Kenny and I’s just havin’ a conversation. And he says that the feminists invented oral sex on a woman back in the 60s.”

I shudder to think what prompted this conversation.

“I’m pretty sure it’s been around since the beginning of time. ”

“You think?”

“Yes. I seem to remember paintings from prehistoric times that pictured people in all sorts of sexual activity. If it can be done, it was done 1000s of years ago.”

“On a woman too?”

“I’m sure…”

So Adam and Eve were probably going down on each other in the Garden of Eden.”

“You’d have to talk to someone more schooled in the Bible than me for that answer.”

“Ok honey, well I love ya.”

“Bye now.”




6 responses

10 01 2012

I think you are correct. It was just considered torture before the invention of hygiene.

16 01 2012
The Vinyl Villager


10 01 2012

Mama’s still got it, haha! Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it! 🙂

16 01 2012
The Vinyl Villager

You’re very welcome!

14 01 2012

I’m so pleased that the two of you have such open communication in your relationship. It’s so nice that she feels comfortable asking you anything. You’ve raised her well.

16 01 2012
The Vinyl Villager

She says that all the time! I always think, I would love to have one of those 1950s parent-child relationships with her, thank you very much, where I don’t have to hear about her sex life, her menopause, and her bowel movements.

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