Let’s Start a Tally

22 11 2011

Mama has fallen silent the past few days. My nerves needed the rest, but I figured it meant one of a few things: she was in the hospital, wrapped up in a new man, or down at Kenny’s camp where cell phone reception is non existent.

Well, she was in the hospital. Taken there, naturally, by an ambulance. This is the third time that an ambulance has carried her to the hospital for a few overnight stays since Labor Day. I figured, just for shits and giggles, I could start a tally. From this past Labor Day til next, just how many trips will the ole gal take to the hospital? Just how many tax dollars will be spent ferrying her across town every time her head hurts or last night’s dinner makes her tummy rumble. Three so far, and I doubt we can make it through the year without that number moving into double digits.





2 responses

22 11 2011

My MIL can top that! I’d estimate she has been in the hospital ten times this year. And they always tell her there is nothing wrong. Yep.

24 11 2011

YCM=2011 total +1 additional for aging a year +.09% 2012 increase

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