Shocking Photo of Rick Perry

16 09 2011


While I expect that real photos of  the uptight,  homophobic, happy executioner from Texas may well exist somewhere doing precisely what it appears he is doing here, he was just eating a corn dog in the wrong place at the right time.




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16 09 2011
The Incredible Woody


16 09 2011
Peter Parkour

If real, total money shot. 😛 TIW took the word right out of my mouth. Hilarious, no doubt.

16 09 2011

Hahaha, i love it!!

17 09 2011

I needed a good laugh this morning! This is awesome. And it almost turned me on. *Almost*.

26 09 2011

Ha,Ha, Awesome – genuine or not it looks like Rick know how to handle d….

29 09 2011
Gail M Feldman

it’s not an incredibly lucky shot for some photographer; it’s photoshopped (pretty darned cleverly). shows the original image of perry eating a corn dog at the iowa state fair (where it is, even to someone like perry, perfectly socially acceptable from any angle). i’m trying to find out if perry has commented on the hoax; so far i’ve found nothing.


3 10 2011
The Vinyl Villager

I figured it might be a photoshop job. Thanks for the info Gail!

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