On Texting and Smart Phones

18 08 2011

One of the daily clicks in our house is the website Damnyouautocorrect.com it never fails to have us literally laughing out loud on a daily basis. I’ve never fallen victim to autocorrect disaster myself, knock on wood, but I almost did today.

Our landscaper emailed to remind me that he was coming this week to treat the lawn. I was TRYING to respond that “I would leave a check for you” but my phone decided instead that I meant“I ubersexual you” Thankfully, I noticed this before I hit send. Otherwise, I think we would be looking for a new landscaper.

And my mama has taken up texting. So now she has new ways to amuse and annoy me. (I wonder if she has found some program for “needy, disabled single women” to pay for a texting plan.

She has yet to find the space button on her phone. So her typical text is “lOveYou” with a random assortment of capital letters that make it appear that the message has come from a 14 year old girl. Yesterday she called me desperate to know if I remembered “The fox’s name on that Disney movie?” 

“Copper, I think. Yes, Tod and Copper were their names.”

Which one’s the fox?”


OK, we was just trying to figure that out.” I don’t know who “we” consists of, nor do I really want to know. I was curious how old Disney movies come up in conversation among grown folks.

Later, while we were out to dinner with some friends, Mom called me again. I sent her to voicemail, and she left a message asking, again, for the names of the characters.

Then she texted. “WhatSThatFoxNameonFoxaNdTheHound

Six hours later, and she’s still consumed by an old Disney movie? Can someone get her a hobby? And a space bar?




6 responses

18 08 2011
Peter Parkour

The fox was Todd and the hound was Copper. A favorite of my nieces when they were little. 🙂

18 08 2011
The Vinyl Villager

See….that was what I thought at first. But then I reasoned that foxes are sorta Copper colored…

should have stuck with my gut.

19 08 2011


(You know, that’s actually hard to do.) Never thought I’d be a crotch watcher ( at least not mine) but I now text. I have to learn to silence my phone. Can be awkward in business meetings to get the important texts I get. They are very much like those from your Mom.

20 08 2011
The Real Dave

I’m going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the texting world. Very rarely do I do it, and only when I want to know something from my wife or daughter that doesn’t require a full fledged phone conversation. And textspeak drives me crazy – it gives me a migraine to read most of them.

21 08 2011
The Girl from the Ghetto

Oh, no! My own mother started both texting and emailing me last year. Yikes, I feel your pain, my friend!

17 09 2011

I love that website, too. So freaking funny. I finally had to turn my auto correct OFF because I was spending more time fighting it than actually communicating.

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