Conversations With Mother–A Lil of That ooooWeee!

16 08 2011

Hi Honey! whatcha doin?”

“Just working on some revisions, what are you doing?”

“Gettin’ high.” chuckles “on marijuana. I’m smokin’ me a joint.”

“Oh Lord.”

“Well, I caint drink causa this bladder infection they caint figure out.”

“I see…”

“I just thought I’d call and tell ya I love ya.”

“And that you were smoking pot?”

“I figure we have an open relationship where we can talk about that kinda thing.”

“Would it stop you if I said we didn’t?”

“No…” chuckles, “I always did speak my mind.”

“Ok then. Talk to you soon.”




4 responses

16 08 2011

Like the woman doesn’t have enough wrong with her life that she needs to add burn-out to it? Is she still off the pills or is she back on them? Makes for a lovely way to expire. Poor thing.

16 08 2011
The Vinyl Villager

I’m pretty sure she’s still off the pills, but I could be wrong. She still says the craziest shit, but her words aren’t slurred. Maybe that means they just got the dosage right?

17 08 2011

I love your mama, her actions never fail to make me laugh!

20 08 2011
The Real Dave

Chalk another one up for Things You Really Don’t Need To Know Your Parents Are Doing.

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