Let’s Catch Up, Shall We?

1 08 2011

It’s been a few weeks since I had time to blog…so let’s catch up a bit, shall we? I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger with work. This is a good thing. The company I started this year has kept me with a full plate of work. And press! A house I designed has been featured on CNBC, MSN, Apartment Therapy, and the real estate blog, Curbed. If you want to keep  up with all this, you really need to CLICK HERE and go like my company on Facebook. Really, click it. It makes me feel good to see new “Likes” when I update the page. Go on now, click.

So, work has had me all over the place. Myrtle Beach, West Virginia, High Point, NC. I come home from my day job and work til bedtime. It’s exhausting but fulfilling.  As you might expect, such a schedule means I grab a nap whenever I can. Like yesterday. I finished one project and decided I needed a little recharge before I geared up for the next one. So I passed out on our big ole family room sofa. As I woke up, I had the sensation that someone was near me. I figured it was Darling, sneaking up to “scare” me awake. So I flipped over and screamed “Boo!”. Which certainly did scare Darling, who was sitting on the other side of the room wondering why on Earth I had rolled over and screamed.

Anyhoo…Mama is on a roll lately. It is apparently “a full time job” just making sure my Grandmother takes her medicine properly. I remember when my great grandmother was alive…my grandmother and her sisters would take turns going over to her house on Sundays and divying up the pills she had to take into one of those pill boxes that has little slots for each day. The whole affair took an hour, tops, because I visited with her many times while this went on. In fairness, an hours time probably is a full time job to someone like mama.

Mama has made a huge drama (imagine!) over something that sounds like a complete and utter NOTHING. Maybe someone in the family can tune me into the truth, but apparently one of my uncles brought grandma a “mess” of fresh green beans. More than Granny can eat herself, so she intended to share them with her sister. Mama called her sisters husband to come up and get their portion of the beans. According to mama, this ruffled feathers, and one aunt “blessed her out” because it “wasn’t her place” to call them. I have no idea why this is a big deal…but Mama has felt the need to tell me the story, in exasperated tones, three times now.

And she hasn’t slept well lately, owing at least one night to the fact that her shoulder was killing her from, you guessed it, driving her new manual transmission car. Didn’t I predict that stick shift would make for countless excuses one day? I sure did.

Then, night before last, she didn’t sleep well because Kenny showed up at “quarter to midnight” drunk. Now, I have no  idea what kind of drunk Kenny is. Some drunks are funny, some are mean, and some are just depressing. I would guess he is the depressing sort. And since he and Mama are on the outs because he tried to “hoodwink her” into…well  honestly, I don’t exactly know what he hoodwinked her into, she relayed the story twice, and it involves them babysitting his three year old grandson and the kid using up every sheet of paper in the notebook they gave him to color in. If that makes no sense, welcome to my world. So I imagine ole Kenny tied one on and came out to Mamas hoping for a reconciliation.

Under the circumstances, most people who’d been dating a person for most of a year might have put aside whatever differences the coloring book had created and insisted the intoxicated person sleep it off on their sofa. Or at the very least insist they leave. So, naturally, mama did neither of those things, choosing instead to call the police. I’ve no doubt in my mind that had she told Kenny to leave, he would have without hesitation. I can picture the scene, he knocks on the door and she dials 911. Because the “police ain’t worth a damn here!” Kenny was gone before they arrived. I’m sure the stress of the whole encounter will keep  her from resting most of the week.





4 responses

1 08 2011
Peter Parkour

Congratulations on the “A house I designed has been featured on CNBC, MSN, Apartment Therapy, and the real estate blog, Curbed” that is awesome!

1 08 2011
The Vinyl Villager

Thanks Peter! Hasnt brought me any money yet, but its been great advertising.

1 08 2011
Liz C.

At least you got your business info *out there*, which means people will eventually get to know your company. So, good luck with it!

Glad to hear your crazy mother hasn’t changed. I’m sure you’d be so disappointed, LOL!

13 08 2011

Happy to hear business is going so well for you. You’ve got talent!

And, of course, it is always fun to hear about momma.

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