Mama Bought a Car

27 06 2011

As steady readers know, Mama recently came into some money. As they also know, there are a lot of things that she SHOULD do with this money. And, if you’ve read more than two posts about her, you know already that what she SHOULD do (in any given situation) is the very last thing that she WILL do.

Has mama replaced her refrigerator so she can eat at home? Of course not.

Has she made any effort to move, as she is almost certainly going to HAVE to soon? Nein.

Has she bought so much as a box of garbage bags so she can put her house into some semblance of order? Surely you jest!

But what did she buy? Naturally, a new (to her) car. Because she really needed one. You know, because a car is top priority for someone who doesn’t drive for months at a time. For someone who can let a flat tire keep their previous car parked for the better part of the winter. For someone who can’t drive from one side of town to the other because they are under some delusion that they are feeble and helpless. Yes, it makes sense.





3 responses

29 06 2011
The Incredible Woody

Please, please, please tell me it is a fabulous pink Cadillac!!

29 06 2011
The Vinyl Villager

oh I wish I could report it was something that exciting. It’s a Subaru station wagon…totally un-mama, but suprisingly practical choice. (Given that the last thing she talked about was a Smart car that “looked just like a cute little bumble bee”) The thing is, her new wagon has a manual transmission, so I am taking bets on how long it will be before she complains of the pain shifting gears causes.

3 07 2011

I can already hear her complaining about the knee pain pushing the clutch in is causing! Maybe next trip out she’ll get what she really needs, but then again, maybe not! Gotta love mama!

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