Meet Mama…

26 05 2011

If you’ve read my mama stories and tried to “hear” what she sounded like, or piece together how her train of thought goes, watch the video above. (Or go to You Tube and search for anything “Betty Butterfield”) Although mama is 100 lbs lighter than Betty, the similarities are startling.

I was up in WV for work last weekend. I had a very full schedule of client meetings and site visits. Mama had decided she was ready to leave Kenny’s home in the trailer park and return to her own house. And, because she’d had a cyst on her wrist drained (with a needle, no incision, no stitches mind you) she was unable to lift so much as her cosmetics bag and she would, naturally, need my assistance. This same needle kept her from driving. Kept her from sleeping well, and kept her from being able to vacuum.

So, in a series of phone calls, in hushed tones, mom whispered her plans for going home, as if she were Harriet Tubman planning an escape on the Underground Railroad. Truth is, Kenny is a nice enough guy, and he would probably welcome a few days peace if she felt the need to go spend some time at her own house. That she had to make it a covert operation is testament to the fact that she is the world’s biggest drama queen.

When I finally got to visit mama, she had been unable to pack, and so would NOT be going home afterall. (This was after she’d spent two days telling me how she was packing up her stuff). Now, you have to realize that Mama has no more stuff at Kennys than any reasonable person might take on a weeks vacation. But it simply isnt in her nature to do things the easy way. Packing this amount of stuff will 1. take at least a week, 2. result in several days of exhaustion, and 3. at least one demonstrable injury–be it a thrown back, a stubbed toe, or a broken finger.

I saw Mama on Saturday. She and I went out to her house, where she got some boxes to “pack up her breakables” at Kenny’s. (When pressed, her breakables include a picture frame and a bottle of perfume. The need for boxes is for dramatic effect.) It is now Thursday and Mama is still at Kennys. She had an appointment with the gynecologist earlier in the week. That appointment kept her from packing and going home that day, and the next day she was so exhausted from her doctors appointment that she was once again unable to drive herself home. Let’s hope, for Kenny’s sake, she recovers soon.




3 responses

27 05 2011
noe noe girl

That video had me rolling on the floor! I swear your mama and mine must be sisters or cousins!!! I feel like I just left my mama’s when I come here!

27 05 2011
The Vinyl Villager

LOL! Maybe we could give them each others phone numbers and they could be bosom buddies?

28 05 2011

“I just want to love the Lurd and not be bothered” Hahahahaha! That video is hilarious.

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