Let Us All Bow Our Heads…

29 03 2011

Yesterday, I logged onto Facebook. There’s some annoying new feature on the site–polls asking everything from whether you prefer Coke to Pepsi to deeper questions of spirituality. A high school classmate, Facebook reports, voted “Yes!” to the question of whether there should be prayer in schools (I vow anyone to prove to me that little Timmy can’t bless his food or bow his head before a test.)  Directly below that was an “urgent” prayer request posted as a status from the same classmate. Seems “Kayla Scott’s” two year old had gone and shot himself in the chest with a nail gun, poor tyke. Immediately, someone had replied that they were already praying. If I could be bothered to look up that profile, I would probably find a half dozen more folks chiming in with their promises of prayer. I immediately wondered who Kayla Scott was, since she mentioned her name so casually I figured it might be another classmate, or a neighbor or family member that would be well known to most of the posters friends.

Yeah, nope.

It’s a long running internet hoax, the sort of electronic folklore that is all too common. http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/prayer/nailgun.asp  Have a looky see. It took me all of two seconds to figure that out, about the same amount of time it took my classmate to copy paste it as her status.

Now, should we have prayer back in schools so we can eat up valuable instruction time praying for imaginary injured toddlers, is that it?




3 responses

29 03 2011


You can pray all you want but do not expose my child to it for one second or you will hear from me!

29 03 2011
The Vinyl Villager

I always wondered…if these people who seem to think Little Timmy needs the teacher to open math class with a prayer got their wish, what KIND of prayer would they want? I mean, what if the geometry teacher is Jewish and the English teacher subscribes to a different brand of Christianity? I mean if little Timmy isnt bright enough to know when to pray on his own, that would get mighty confusing for him.

29 03 2011
noe noe girl

Coke. And you all feel free to pray that my kid (and yours) makes it thru high school without a school shooting!

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