Spring Cleaning

16 02 2011

The first signs of spring have shown their faces in my little corner of the world. There were glimmers a few weeks ago as temperatures passed 60 and the sun shone brightly. Darling thought I was crazy when I took our convertible to be detailed and drove around all weekend with the top down (and the heat on high, mind you), but I, for one, am glad to put winter behind us.

This coming weekend is the first we are expected to have with sustained temperatures in the low 70’s. No chance of rain. And this THRILLS me. I can handwash my own car without losing the feeling in my fingers. I can tackle our terribly disorganized garage. We wrapped up all of our remodeling projects and moved the furniture in just as fall set in, which means we have to squeeze our cars in and then do a contortionists dance around paint cans, leftover building materials, and “junk” that needs to find a home just to get in the house. I look forward to being able to open all the windows and air the house out. There’s a very narrow window of time here when windows can be opened. Early spring, before the pollen starts to fall so heavy that everything is covered in a half inch of yellow dust, and late fall when the temperatures are cool enough to forego air conditioning but not quite so cool as to require heat.

There’s a host of other small outdoor projects I need to do–clean up our back patio, empty some pots filled with dead plants and bad potting soil, fix a gutter extension near the sunroom. These chores might normally sound like a  boring list of “have to do’s” but the fact that I can actually get outside and do them makes them things I am looking forward to.

So, what’s on your spring cleaning list?




2 responses

16 02 2011
The Incredible Woody

Spring? What is spring? I actually miss the changing of the seasons…

18 02 2011

I’m so excited for you.

I haven’t thought about spring cleaning yet.

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