This is Genius!

2 02 2011

As if I needed another reason to love San Francisco…I stumbled across this today while doing my daily shopping on Gilt. (If you love good stuff and a bargain, you need to CLICK HERE and sign up). Anyhoo, San Francisco is now home to The House of Air. An indoor trampoline park! If this isn’t screaming to my inner child, I don’t know what is. Trampoline dodgeball! Trampoline fitness! Trampoline basketball! They even do birthday parties, and you bet your sweet bippy that I’d be turning 34 there if it weren’t all the way across the  country.

When I was a teenager, Sister girl and I had a trampoline (naturally it was in the front damn yard because Mama had no sense that such things belonged in the back). Many an hour was spent doing backflips, kneedrops, and all sorts of other things that would send me into traction if I were to try them today. (Actually, I have tried these things recently because my godchildren have a trampoline, and about fifteen minutes spent bouncing on it will leave me feeling like I’ve compressed every disk in my back.) The very first time I got drunk, I decided it was a swell idea to hit the trampoline for some Rum and Coke fueled gymnastics. Surprisingly, this did not end with me spilling the contents of my stomach, but that’s neither here nor there.

The next time I’m in the Bay City, this is going at the top of my to-do list.




4 responses

2 02 2011
The Real Dave

I can picture myself traumatizing every square inch of soft tissue enjoying myself in a place like that and forgetting the limits of my slowly aging body.

3 02 2011
The Vinyl Villager

Me too! I wish there were one closer to me. (My back is glad there isnt!)

3 02 2011

Ok loving the Gilt site-thanks for the tip on that one.
You should also check out One Kings Lane, Eziba, Ideeli, and Beyond The Rack. They are all similar in that you have to join, but offer deep discounts on high end goodies. YOU WILL LOVE One Kings Lane-they have tag sales from different interior designers once per week!

3 02 2011
The Vinyl Villager

One Kings Lane is one of my daily clicks! LOVE that site. Will have to check the others too!

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