A Little Mid-Week Mish Mash

2 02 2011

1.Listen, puppies, the blog well is a bit dry lately. My crazy mama, far as I know, is laid up at either the hospital (for some non-mental health issues), or at Lot 51, Traylor Parke–where the only phone service once her gubment provided 250 minutes have been exhausted is by way of Kenny’s cell phone. Since Kenny is a hardworking man, his cell phone is out of her hands about 12 hours a day, and consequently she has not been giving me my daily dose of crazy. For this, I give thanks, because frankly she has worn my patience down to the nubs lately.

2.But while I haven’t had much to say here at the Vinyl Village, I do have a whole host of home and garden related topics in the works over at Southgate Residential. So, click on over there and take a look at my bargain finds, houses the size of a boutique hotel, and whatever other design related tidbits tickle my fancy.

3. The one bit of excitement is that I am finally, after three decades here in the You-nited States, leaving the country. Darling and I will be sailing off to the Grand Caymans, Roatan, and a few other islands whose names escape me month after next. This meant that I had to apply for a passport, a prospect I did not relish because my experience with government agencies has always been less than pleasant. Imagine my shock and joy at being in and out of the post office in ten minutes, having been assisted (and relieved of $150) by the friendliest government employee I’ve ever encountered. She must have been new.

Has Captain Steubing Retired Yet?




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