A Southern Snow Storm

11 01 2011

Snow Covered Trees

Well, the weatherman actually got it right. Almost. He predicted six inches of snow, and we got around eight. I realize that’s a flurry for a lot of areas, but it hasn’t snowed this much here since 1988. I’ve heard stories about that 1988 snow since I moved here ten years ago.

Our snow covered house

The town has been paralized. The local news lists over 1000 cancellations and delays. Basically, every school, professional office, church, service station (seriously, did the news need to add that Jiffy Lube was closed to their list? Were people thinking, gee, snow day, guess I better get the Buick serviced?), and mall have been closed all week. Schools are already closed for tomorrow. The areas $180,000 winter road budget was long ago blown, so even main roads remain covered in ice.

Even the Main Roads Still Look Like This

So, what have I done with my two days of being trapped inside? Watched movies. Played Millionaire City and Farkle on Facebook. Read. Played Angry Birds. Blogged (what? you still aren’t following my DESIGN BLOG? ). Worked a little on a dollhouse I’ve been building for years. Napped. Cooked (yummy pot roast and a delicious breakfast casserole so far, chicken enchiladas on the menu for tonight). And took a walk through the neighborhood. I actually TRIED to go to my office around lunchtime today. I got about two miles before I realized that one of two things was going to happen: I was going to give myself some form of shaken-baby syndrome driving 20 miles per hour over deeply rutted, icy roads, or I was going to have a seizure induced by the flashing “traction control” warning light on my dashboard that blinks anytime the tires spin or the car loses it’s grip on the road. Finally, as I came to an easy stop at a red light, the car did a 90 degree slide into the (thankfully vacant) intersection. Since it was pointed home, I completed the u-turn and went back to the house.

Very Few Cars Have Left the Neighborhood




5 responses

11 01 2011

Ummm, the traction thing..? Not sure if you know how that works…essentially it is the car deciding you need to brake…what that means..? A) the car thinks you aren’t capable of deciding not only WHEN to brake, but at what level it should be done. B) If it kicks on A LOT, you will soon need to replace your rotors, as they will warp…The first thing I do when driving in snow is DISABLE the traction control…I prefer to choose when and when not to brake, as well as how much pressure should be applied at any given time…also, rotors aren’t cheap…
just sayin’
hope all is well 🙂

12 01 2011
The Vinyl Villager

Is that what that does?? I feel like I should have known that. Maybe Ill turn it off and see what happens….

12 01 2011

Yeah, found out the hard way couple of winters ago – well, actually that spring when I had to replace the rotors and saw how warped they were. The mechanic said he sees that a lot on cars with “traction control.” Plus, like I said, I am much more comfortable being in control of braking, especially on slick roads, myself 🙂

11 01 2011
Cookie Parker

Wow…that’s a lot of snow for you, dude. Keep warm. And keep telling yourself two things….the spring will look that much better and …there’s no such thing as global warming…LOL!!!

12 01 2011
The Vinyl Villager

Yes, it is a TON of snow for us!

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