My 500th Post–A Look Back on My Favorites

27 12 2010

500 Posts ago, I started this blog. I certainly would not have guessed I would have enough material to write 500 different entries! Thanks to those of you who read regularly, to those who just stop by occasionally, and to those who found themselves here by searching for a farting nun or a fat guy in a speedo (actual search terms, friends!)

To celebrate my 500th post, a little trip down memory lane. Below are my favorite posts from the past three years. Enjoy!

Trapped in a Faux-Finished Nightmare  “We kids had a good chuckle, and, nasty little things we were, dreamed up scenarios of poor Rogers hanging from the ceiling-mounted television projector while Sonny the toucan (or whatever she was) pecked out his eyeballs while announcing to the world that she was a “Good Girl.”

Mama On Catholicism, “Forners”, and her Last Wishes  “Anyway I think your daddy wanted me to convert to Catha…Calotha…Caloticism…whatever you call it. But I said, no sir, no child of mine’s getting put through all that sit down stand up and having holy waters thrown at him.”

Mama Tries Online Dating “I want you to respond that a woman is like a rose. In spring, I’m just budding, but by summer I’ll be in full bloom.”

Strange Things I’ve Done To My Penis  “And for weeks I had what appeared to be a lemon-shaped liver spot midway up my wang.”

 Beyond Turn Your Head and Cough  “Then he pulled.  HARD. Like he was starting a lawnmower. I was certain he had yanked my penis off altogether. I let out a blood curdling scream, and felt the blood leave my head.”




4 responses

27 12 2010
big hair envy

500? WOW! Congratulations, VV! Thanks for making me laugh:)

27 12 2010
The Incredible Woody

500! Woohoo!! Thanks for making me snort Mountain Dew up my nose;)

27 12 2010

So many fantastic posts….but the ones about Mama win, hands down! Keep up the good work.

28 12 2010
Liz C.

Well, catching up with your Mom’s shenanigans has been an education in itself. Thanks for that. I’m probably going to have nightmares like forever, LOL!

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