Everything you Never Wanted to Know About the Vinyl Villager

27 12 2010

1. I can not eat meat that is still on the bone. Chicken wings, t-bone steaks, bone-in pork chops–forget it.

2. I get new bed pillows every few months because I require big, fluffy, firm ones. The minute they get flat at all I toss and turn and it’s time for new ones.

3. I’m the oldest child. There is an almost 14 year spread between me and my youngest brother.

4. I’ve absolutely no personal use for religion and never have. No offense to anyone who does. I’m not sure why, but even as a very young child I would leave church feeling like there was something creepy and cult-ish about it and have never been to one where that wasn’t the case.

5. I used to keep a fanatical accounting of my checkbook. Then, one day, I transposed the amount I was writing the check for and the balance I was recording in my ledger and didn’t realize I’d done so until I had bounced over a dozen things. Thats right, I sent off a check made out for the full balance of my checking account. I have never done more than verify my online statements since then.

6. I need a haircut at MOST every four weeks. Otherwise, it starts touching the tops of my ears and drives me bananas.

7. I love to bargain hunt. I make weekly pilgrimages to TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, and Marshalls. I could not tell you the last time I paid retail for anything.

8. The people at the Honda dealership know me by name and if I see them out in public will stop and chat like we are old friends. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

9. I would like to learn to do two things–interior trimwork and sewing. That way I could make my own drapes and pillows and so forth and put crown molding up in the rest of the house.

10. I spend entirely too much time playing Millionaire City and Farkle on Facebook.

11. My favorite song of all time is “Vogue” by Madonna. It came out when I was in the 7th grade and still perks me up today.

12. I’ve tried, really, but I do not understand football. The game or the culture.

13. I’m very hard to embarass.

14. I’m also very hard to offend.

15. My favorite color is brown.

16. I sometimes use unnecessary “thes”, as in “We need to go to THE Wal Mart.” or “I found it at THE K-Mart.”

17. My home state is also home to the Pepperoni Roll. I love them, and have to have them when I go home, despite the fact that they must be terrible for me.

18. When I have nothing better to do I love to take “house drives”–cruising through nice or architecturally interesting neighborhoods just to get ideas. Likewise, I will also take boredom drives down the motor mile just to look at cars.

19. When I was very young, my constant companion was a little blue and white plaid doll with orange hair named “Charlie.”

20. Often times when I don’t like a food, it has everything to do with it’s texture and little to do with it’s taste. Onions are a perfect example.

21. Sometimes I have the GPS in my car give me directions even if I know where I’m going just to have some noise other than the radio.

22. I sing along with the music in my car…badly. Sometimes I dance too.

23. When I’m home alone and cleaning, I put in my earbuds and sing at the top of my lungs to whatever song I’m listening to.

24. My mom thought I’d grow up to be an insurance adjuster because when I was a kid, I’d whack my matchbox cars with a hammer and then write detailed estimates for their repairs.

25. If real life did not get in the way, my natural circadian clock would have me go to sleep around 4 am and wake me up around 11 am. But getting up early is torture for me, no matter how many hours of sleep I’ve gotten.




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27 12 2010

Totally with you on #7!
#9 interior trim work is very EASY-with your other talents, I think you would not have a hard time at all. But sewing is a skill I would love to aquire! Fortunately for me, my husband can sew.
#15-Seriously-it’s the color of dirt and other awful things. It is my LEAST favorite color.
#25-Umm that’s my every day schedule! 😉

27 12 2010

25 reasons why I love the Vinyl Villager.

28 12 2010

1. Really..? Why?
2. Can’t stand thick fluffy pillows – feel like I’m suffocating – the flatter the better when it’s time to sleep.
3. Me, too – almost 8 between us…
4. I’ve tried many, and studied on many, many more…still not SURE, but is anyone..? Truly..?
5. I check the balance on line, on my phone, before buying, that’s about the extent of it.
6. My hair makes me nuts, when it’s long, I want it short, when it’s short, I want it long. Maybe, one of these days…
7. Me, too! But I dig the second hand stores – even at the discount stores, if it isn’t on the clearance rack, I’m probably not buying it…and if I do I feel guilty thinking about all the other “stuff” I NEED I could have bought with the money…but I am working at overcoming this – and making progress 🙂
8. I have owned – really – at least 15 cars in the last 13 years.
9. I can teach you to sew! It’s really pretty uncomplicated…the interior trim stuff..? You’re on your own.
10. I spend entirely too much time literally doing NOTHING at work. I spend my time listening to brain cells die from lack of stimulation/input.
11. Hmmmm…not sure I have one of those.
12. Yeah, I gave up on that years ago.
13. Me, too!
14. Me, too!
15. Not sure I have one of those, either…
16. I hear people do that all the time…
17. Mine is home to cheese curds, beer & summer sausage – I can do without all of the above, but do like the occasional salami sandwich.
18. I love to drive – 3 am on a back country road under a full moon – especially with snow on – is awesomeness solidified…
19. No constant companions through childhood – there isn’t really a single person, non-family, from the first 15 or so years of my life, that I have ever had any desire to see…
20. Too many reasons for my dislike of too many foods to even consider attacking this one.
21. I have GPS on my phone – using it makes me annoyed :-*
22. Me, too! And anywhere else there is music! (And I’ll guarantee, I sound worse…I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid & two handles…which sucks, as every other family member on mom’s side have beautiful voices 😦 )
23. I do the same, without the earbuds – if the stereo’s up, I don’t have to hear myself.
24. I was supposed to be a lawyer with a minor degree in medicine…then my dad died when I was 16…well, let’s just say the road “turned”
25. Hunny and I debate whether humans are naturally nocturnal or not. I vote for humans being nocturnal creatures by nature, but I won’t go into the reasons as my broken arm is hurting from all this typing….
So, How the Hell ya been..?

1 01 2011
The Incredible Woody

It makes me want to stand up and cheer to know that someone else gets the whole meat-on-a-bone-is-just-gross thing and the food texture thing. I absolutely will not gnaw on a bone. Bananas and beans are my ‘I can’t stand the texture’ foods.

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