Ten Years Ago Today…

16 12 2010

I loaded up my U-haul and moved to South Carolina to start my career. My dad and one of my lifelong friends helped me. (In fairness, I think they unloaded the UHaul while I attempted to find sustenance for us.) In the space of  one weekend, we loaded up my old apartment in West Virginia, moved to South Carolina, completely unboxed my stuff and set the apartment up (including hanging all the pictures and drapes), then went back to WV for my graduation party.

The company I first worked for, one of the largest and most well respected in my field, recruited me straight out of my last semester in college. I’d never even heard of the city I’ve called home for the last decade. Over my Thanksgiving break, I drove here for a round of interviews. As I was getting ready in my hotel room, the local news was running a list of cancellations due to the “winter weather.” I’m not joking that every school, church, and office in town must have been closed. I looked outside. There was a dusting of snow in the shadows and under the trees. That is this place’s idea of a major weather event.

“I could get used to this.” I thought.

The rest, as they say, is history.




2 responses

16 12 2010
The Incredible Woody

Seriously? All in ONE weekend?!?

16 12 2010
The Vinyl Villager

yes! graduated on Friday, moved on Saturday, and was back in WV for a graduation party Sunday afternoon.

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