You Would Have Thought it Impossible…

15 12 2010

But I embarassed myself at Wal-Mart. To make a long story short, I went in for a handful of things, and as I was waiting to check out noticed their kiosk of gift cards. Now, every year since our little town got one, I’ve gotten my grandmother a Cracker Barrell gift card for Christmas. She doesn’t go out to eat a lot, so she really appreciates the “treat.” It was also the very last Christmas gift I needed to buy.

The lady rang up my purchases, gave me my total, and I went throught the usual swiping of the debit card. When the receipt printed, it did not include the activation code for the gift card.

“Oh my…it didn’t activate. Let me try that again.”

For the next five minutes we tried all three of the remaining Cracker Barrell cards, to no avail. A supervisor was called in. She re-rang my entire purchase, sans gift card, and then tried to ring the gift card up separately. No dice.

Several hours later, I was logged into my online banking to pay some bills and see just how much I’d stimulated the economy this Christmas. And there, at the top of the list, were FOUR charges from Wal-Mart. The entire purchase amount, the purchase amount without the gift card, and two more for JUST the gift card. I was annoyed. I called them up immediately.

“Sure, just bring in your receipt.”

“The receipt that I have only shows the items I came home with. They didn’t give me a receipt for all the gift cards I did not get.” (This much should have been obvious to her.)

“Well, if you can print out a bank statement and come in between 6AM and 2 PM when our cash office is open, they can help you.”

This annoyed me of course, because the time frame meant I’d have to get up early (a concept that is anathema to me). Nevertheless, the next morning I woke up a few minutes early, showered, put on some clothes, and logged onto the interwebs and quickly printed the statement of recent activity on my account. And off I went, at 7 AM, to Wal-Mart.

I explained the whole ordeal to the woman, who seemed sympathetic. She took a look at my bank statement and, with a puzzled look, said “Well…look honey…”

And there it was. Right on the damn statement I had printed and handed to her, CREDITS for the extra charges. They had posted at some point in the middle of the night, but I hadn’t bothered to take a look at the statement I actually printed that morning. She gave me one of those “Bless Your Heart” smiles and I scurried out of the store.




6 responses

15 12 2010

sounds like an outtake from my life…

15 12 2010

sounds like an outtake from my life :S …

15 12 2010

really…see, point proven…*sheesh*

15 12 2010
The Incredible Woody


15 12 2010

That’s not so bad! I’d be more annoyed at myself for having to drive all the way down there than embarrassed.

21 12 2010

Oh, no! Of all places, too! I could totally see myself doing something like this.

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