Pedophiles Want us to Change Our Facebook Pictures to Cartoons!

5 12 2010

Thus sayeth the latest crap circulating on facebook.

No doubt, if you are a member of Facebook, you have seen many of your friends change their picture to a cartoon in awareness of child abuse. This sort of “slacktivism” is a topic for another time, but hot on the heels of the prolific “change your profile to a cartoon” item is tonights fast-moving hoax:

“PLEASEREAD!!!!!!* The whole change your profile picture to your favoritecartoon character thing was *actually created by a group ofpedophiles*, because if children see pictures of cartoon charactersthey will add them, it was currently on the program internet frauds andwill be on …tv…sometime tonight, put……… t…his as your statusto warn people and change your profile picture back!!!!”

I’m surprised the different versions don’t say: “97 percent won’t repost this!”

If there’s a question in your mind…this is a hoax. The first “bell” that goes off should be that you must be 13 to have a facebook account, and if your child, at 13, will friend a perfect stranger because their profile picture is Smurfette, then that child has problems that go beyond internet exploitation.

Why would anyone repost this nonsense without checking it at all? A quick google would reveal to anyone that there is not one credible source for this “pedophile” assertion. Have we become so gullible?




11 responses

5 12 2010

It’s the same mentality that forwards emails from Bill Gates telling you that you, too, can get rich just by forwarding the email. Marketers love that mentality too. That’s how they get you to buy all their crap that ends up in next summer’s yard sale.

6 12 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I don’t understand that mentality! Its too easy to suss out misinformation. I can’t tell you how much utter garbage I got during the election season!

6 12 2010

i think this news and media is just another escape for them to put our eyes on something else i dont think pedophiles even have the mind to set this up. this is one of another america’s media propaganda changes to make other fellow americans to point fingers and blame someone for this week of cartoon thing. i just think the government and this country is taking things over the helmet…. next thing they are going to capture a man who looks like a pedophile and blame it on that man tsk tsk tsk we need to wake up and smell the flowers everyone. our nation is going to be evil soon we wont have freedom or anything just one world order country

6 12 2010
The Vinyl Villager

um ok. Thanks for stoppin by.

6 12 2010
The Incredible Woody

I read this on a friend’s status just this morning. Dumb ass!

6 12 2010

Get your facts straight before you start leading people astray… Also, you are a VERY low individual to post such heinous things to get attention to your blog! You should be ashamed!!!
Check it out:

After you realize you opened your mouth with NO solid knowledge, and made your selflook like an idiot, I’d urge you to remove the blog post and issue an apology.

6 12 2010

Oops… Remove my earlier comment… I didn’t read the article correctly, but you are drawing attention with your headline, and that is just low.

6 12 2010
The Vinyl Villager

sorry Andrew…you were saying something about “Getting your facts straight?”

drawing attention with a headline? What a novel idea…

6 12 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I saw at least three friends with it as their status. All three of them “reported” a different news outlet that was “going to be reporting this tonight!”
I wish I had a bridge to sell…

7 12 2010
The Real Dave

What’s depressing is when you see friends and family members falling for this.

8 12 2010
The Vinyl Villager

yeah…Im always like “you’re smarter than that!!”

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