Dear Santa

18 11 2010

Well, you did not get me anything on Last Year’s List. So let’s try this again, shall we?

1. I’d like a pair of these lamps please. Next year I’ll leave one of them on so you can see your way to some extra yummy cookies:

Now, I’ve been stalking TJ Maxx for months trying to find a pair of these at my budget. But as you are a man of greater means, just go ahead and order them for me HERE.

2. And while we are talking about things for the living room, I’d like a few yards of this Kelly Wearstler fabric. Yes, I know it’s a bit overdone, but I want it anyway:

3.  And I am certain that I would just sleep a lot better if I had these drapes in my bedroom:

4. Since I got two new cars this year, it might seem silly to ask for another one. Nonetheless, Santa, I would appreciate it if you could track down a showroom condition Honda Prelude like the one I had in college:

5.  A nose job. Don’t worry, it’s not on account of vanity. (Ignore the snickers from my friends on that one) I have a deviated septum.

There ya have it, Santa. HALF the size of last year’s list. It’s not so much to ask is it??




One response

18 11 2010
The Incredible Woody

I added quite a few things to my list after my visit to Rodeo Drive today:)

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