Parents on Facebook

15 11 2010

One of my brothers and I have had an ongoing discussion about whether or not you should be friends with your parents/grandparents/etc. on facebook. He says no…it’s too easy for a worried parent to take something out of context and get bent out of shape by it. I say, yes, but maybe it’s because my life is dull and they are more likely to shock me with their facebook posts. (In fact, they have. Well, not shocked, let’s just say that I was amused to see facebook pics of my stepmom’s recent girls weekend in which the first drunk 40 to 60 something woman was apparently photographed with “Pussy” emblazened across her head in what appeared to be magnetic Fisher Price letters.)

But, maybe my brother is onto something:




2 responses

15 11 2010
The Incredible Woody

I want to be friends with your stepmom and her pals!!

15 11 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Me too! My friends and I cant party like that anymore…

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