Water, Water, Everywhere

8 11 2010

We woke up Saturday morning to water pouring out of one of the recessed lights in the master bathroom. The house is not even four years old, so there should NOT be a roof leak. Nonetheless, that appears to be the case. We pulled the light out, cut the power to that part of the house, and dug around in the attic trying to find the source. As luck would have it, the master bath is the only part of the house where you can’t get into the roof above. We’d had a very light rain earlier that day, certainly nothing out of the ordinary. On Sunday, the “wet spot” on the ceiling grew. And last night, I was awakened by the sound of more water dripping. (No rain since Friday, so it’s even more puzzling.)

It’s beginning to look like some sheetrock will have to be replaced, more than likely, some of the insulation above, and who knows what else. But we have insurance, friends who are good contractors, and the financial security to make it all right again.

For that, I am thankful. I know all too well that this sort of unexpected problem could be financially devastating for a lot of people. It might become a choice between paying the power bill or patching the roof. So, as aggravating as this is, I’m thankful it isn’t worse.




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8 11 2010

Ugh. I would be one of those who would have to choose between the power bill (or the mortgage) and getting the roof fixed. Thankfully, my home – now nine years old – has had no major issues, but it’s coming due soon. Starting with the kitchen and the dishwasher vent that spews water every time I run the dishwasher.

8 11 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Ya know, I’ve had more trouble from dishwashers than anything else. In my last house, the dishwasher would run without water…and it was rarely obvious until I started smelling plastic melting. And our current dishwasher has refused to latch lately (or refused to finish a full cycle).

8 11 2010

The dishwasher in this place is the $99 builder-grade special. Nothing spectacular, so I’m surprised it has lasted this long. I’m limping along with it by just wrapping a towel around the vent spiggot-thingy. Seems to work until I have time to redo that whole bench of cabinets. You might appreciate this: the sink is not centered under the window, and you have to stretch across the dishwasher to reach the garbage disposal switch. Plus, the dishwasher is between the sink and the stove and the stove and dishwasher doors barely miss each other if both are open. Ugh. When I have the funds, I am sooo going to swap that all around.

8 11 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I had that same $99 dishwasher! It amazes me how poorly thought out some houses are…if the builders would just put some thought in, they could make a much better house and not even have to spend more to do it.

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