We Need To Get a Genius On this…

27 10 2010

There was a terrible accident on the highway not far from where I live Sunday night.  A tractor trailer slammed into a line of stopped traffic, resulting in five deaths. He was going 70 mph at the time of the collision. You can read the whole story HERE,  but the headline screams “Driver Inattention May Have Caused I-26 Pileup”

The article goes on to report “Trooper Robert Grayson, who is on the team of collision reconstructionists investigating the nine-vehicle pileup on Interstate 26, said they want to know if driver inattention was a factor in the crash.”

Do we really need to waste time and a reconstruction to know that the friggin’ driver in this case was inattentive??

“We’re trying to determine why he did not recognize that the traffic was stopped in front of him,” Grayson told WYFF.

I’m no investigator, but I’d guess it’s because he WASN”T PAYING ATTENTION. I mean, what the hell? They aren’t seeking the cure for cancer here, what exactly is there to determine? Do we really need a team of investigators? What’s the alternative? That he WAS paying attention but a ship full of drunk driving aliens overtook him? He WAS being attentive, but decided to mow down a line of cars for fun?




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27 10 2010

If the tractor/trailer drivers there are anything like the ones here, he was probably also tailgating. They do that here at speeds of over 65 mph and it scares the crap out of me. I avoid them and steer clear – literally.

27 10 2010
The Incredible Woody

Last week there was an accident involving a school bus and during the press conference, the police chief said “We will not be giving details about how the accident occurred because we do not have all the facts in yet” since it was minutes after the accident. First question from the press “So how exactly did the accident occur?”

I’m sure the guy wanted to shout “What the f–k did I just say to you!!”

27 10 2010

And I’ll bet we can all figure out what he was doing!

27 10 2010
The Incredible Woody

I hope it wasn’t the same thing that the residents of Walker Center 4th Floor were doing…

28 10 2010

Having once been married to an OTR Trucker, I think Woody has the correct answer to the question. So, does he get a prize or something?

29 10 2010
big hair envy

LMAO @ Woody! She KILLS me! VV – Sorry, you just can’t fix STUPID! Believe me, I try on a daily basis…there are too many of THEM, and too few of US:/

1 11 2010
Vodka and Ground Beef

Agreed. Instead, they should be looking into why cars are even on roads.

2 11 2010

This, I think, is worse, and entirely true…we personally know some of those involved, and have been active in justice being served…

Background: An officer who police said was drunk and on duty when he struck a group of motorcyclists in August, killing one and injuring two more.Eric Wells, 30, died in the crash. Mary Mills, 47, and Kurt Weekly, 44, were seriously injured. Bisard was charged with reckless homicide and criminal recklessness and is suspended pending termination from the Indianapolis Metro Police Department. Officer David Bisard’s blood-alcohol level registered more than twice the legal limit two hours after the crash, but alcohol-related charges against him were dropped because police didn’t follow proper procedures in procuring the test. This happened at 11:30 in the morning, on a straight, level stretch of road. The office was running lights & sirens to assist with serving a warrant…serving a warrant, think about that…The bikes were stopped at a red light, cars in the turn lane on the left, and others stopped at the light on the right, therefore had no where to go…it still hasn’t been shown the officer even TRIED to stop or slow….

The idiocy: 6News’ political contributor Abdul-Hakim Shabazz obtained a message sent from Bisard to fellow K-9 officers. I am so displeased with the k9 unit save for 2 people…u guys don’t believe in me at all…i am innocent & u all have let outside people influence ur opinions of me…i haven’t heard from any of you except for the 2,” the text read. “I sent this to you because I had a lot of respect for you before all of this and I don’t care if you spread it around the unit but you had better relay my innocence because that is what i am INNOCENT.”

Just sayin – it’s everywhere, and it’s extraordinarily sad…

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