They Know Me By Name…

13 09 2010

Darling and I embarked on a big do-it-yourself project this weekend–a built in wall of cabinetry to create two desks for ourselves in the study. I’d gotten a cabinet maker to give us a price to do this, and it was more than my first car.

But, we figured, we can do it ourselves and save! I was worried. It’s not that I’m not handy–I am. It’s just that I’d never attempted anything remotely like this before, and wanted the result to be attractive and functional and not look like we had done it ourselves.

First came the plan–purchase three unfinished cabinets, one for each end and one for the center, then fashion a top out of wood, stain it all, and call it a day.

Then came the trips to the home improvement store.

Trip One: Purchase two cabinets and miscellaneous trim pieces, knobs, sandpaper, and stain. Yes, two cabinets. Because the first store only had ONE of the proper size for the end units. The first store also lacks the size wood we need for the top of the desk, and has only one container of the stain we chose.

Trip Two: Purchase other end cabinet from another location, another can of stain, and wood for the top. Get top to the truck and realize it is split in half. Return it, because of course it was the only one that size they had, and think on what to use for the top now.

Trip Three: Find a different solution for the top at the store we started at. They cut it to the right width for us, but we have foolishly forgotten what length it needs to be.

Trip Four: Return wooden top to be cut to length. Meanwhile, Darling is staining the cabinets and dumps a half a can all over the garage floor. (Next springs project–epoxy coat the garage floor).

Trip Five: Go to rent a saw from the Home Depot. (This is the third home improvement store for those who are counting.) Am told this location doesn’t rent tools, but they have one for sale at a great price. Decide to just buy the damned saw.

Trip Six: Tube of Liquid Nails we had in the garage is dried up. Return to Lowe’s to get a new tube.

Trip Seven: Return the unused sandpaper and stain that we bought too much of and purchase plastic grommets and a drillbit that will cut circlular holes in our desktop to allow cords to drop through.

Trip Eight: Return to buy trim pieces to cover the gaps between the top and the wall. (I must point out here that it’s because the wall is slightly bowed, not because of error on our part.)

Trip Nine: Screws that came with the knobs for the doors are too short, so must find longer ones. Who knew screws came in so many sizes?

Of course, to paint the room also required two trips to Sherwin Williams and a trip to Wal Mart. I am happy to report that the project turned out better than I expected! (Will post photos soon, once the room is actually clean and organized)




6 responses

13 09 2010
The Incredible Woody

I just love those projects that require a runner. I like to be the runner:)

13 09 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Me too! I ran so much that my poor little car indicated its need for service.

13 09 2010
big hair envy

I always enjoy a trip to the home improvement store. But I declare, seven trips per day is my absolute LIMIT!

Can’t wait to see the photos:)

19 09 2010
The Vinyl Villager

well, these trips were spread over two days so I probably was under the seven per day limit.

17 09 2010

Um…it was like a quarter of a can, not a half a can!!!!!!

19 09 2010
The Vinyl Villager

shhh! Im taking some artisitic liberties here!

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