Take That, Nosy Woman

17 08 2010

I was recently reminded of a funny story from my college days. The exact details that led up to the event are lost to me, but basically I was out with my dear friend and college roommate and needed to run into the grocery store.  We had a handicapped parking plackard (she had a particularly nasty pinched nerve in her back one semester), and I pulled the car into a handicapped space. Now, maybe she was finishing a call, a smoke, or just decided at the last minute not to come in, or perhaps I was slightly abusing the handicapped sticker…but at any rate, a perfectly healthy looking me popped out of the car, alone, and headed into the store.

As I walked away, according to my friend who remained in the car, a family walked alongside the spot.

Well, look at him!” said the mother, “Thinks he can park wherever he damned well pleases just cause he’s driving a Lexus.” One of her daughters tugged at mom’s sleave and pointed out that there was someone in the car who could clearly hear her.

I don’t care! Let ’em hear me.”

When I returned to the car a few minutes later, I’m not sure why the story incensed me so much…but as my friend retold it, the family walked out of the store. I went into action, putting the car in drive and pulling up right alongside them

“Ma’am.” I said. And she swiveled back to look at me. Her husband muttered, “Oh shit.” and kept on walking.

I showed her the plackard. “I just wanted you to know that we DID have a handicapped sticker.” Her little girls’ jaws dropped.

Well you don’t look handicapped to me!” What did we have here? A doctor, no doubt able to make diagnosis from across a parking lot!

“I can assure you I am. And not that it’s any of your business,  but I’m handicapped from the same accident that killed my family, and it was the insurance money I got from that accident that allowed me to buy this Lexus.”

The little girls were horrified.

I continued. “Just wanted you to know so you’d sleep well tonight.”

Oh I’ll sleep just fine!” she started, her voice raised. She tried to continue.

“No, no.” I said, raising my hand to her. “That’s all!” And I drove off.

So what if she might have been sort of right? I hope the little parking lot incident taught her horrified little girls not to be nosy and presumptious.




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17 08 2010

I don’t think you were wrong – your handicapped friend was with you, right? I drive my mom around all the time – she’s the handicapped one and we use her sticker for parking. Sometimes I get out of the car and run into Costco for her to get her prescriptions or whatever. She looks perfectly normal, but she can’t walk very far. I LOVED your response.

17 08 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Well thank you! I was kind of impressed with my ability to come up with a perfect “Hope you feel like shit now” story on the fly like that! LOL!

17 08 2010

A friend of mine lost his lower leg in an accident. Many a time he has walked into or out of a store and encountered similar wrath. That’s when he takes his prosthesis off and shakes it at them.

17 08 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I would pay to see that!

17 08 2010

That is so funny. I have a placard. When My daughter and I go out she will try to not park in a handicapped spot if she is the only one getting out of the car but I have to admit that she has on occasion parked in one knowing I’m just going to stay in the car. In other words if she has to park really far away she will park in one if she isn’t going to be too long. I think most people who have one do the same thing. I wouldn’t feel guilty about it unless you are on the Vineyard and I catch you. LOL

18 08 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Joan, good to see you here! Id just love to be on the Vineyard!

18 08 2010

I’ve got a plan for Christmas mall parking this year. I’m going to stuff a pillow up my shirt and park in the Expectant Mother’s spot! Don’t even need a placard for that!!!

18 08 2010
The Vinyl Villager

maybe I should try that. If I get any funny looks, I could just say “my hormones have gone crazy this time!”

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