Monday, You Always Arrive Too Early

9 08 2010

I had a busy and fun weekend. I went on a last minute trip up to West Virginia that was packed full of activity. My grandmother was in the hospital starting mid-week, and that prompted my decision to take a day off and make a long weekend of it. Granny is home and doing fine now, for those who wonder.

My youngest brother needed my expertise and experience to trade in his Mustang. The beast of a car has proven to be the poor choice I predicted it would be–too little room, too hungry for gas, and unwilling to stick to winter roads. But it was a fun first car, no doubt. He was seeking something more practical, so we test drove a few compacts before he decided he wanted a new Honda. I worked my car dealing magic and he will be driving the car he wanted, in Storm Silver, once it is delivered today. (And for a payment LESS than was being made on the Mustang, thanks to my shrewd powers of persuasion.)

A friend has been room-by-room redecorating the house she and her family live in. It had been her grandmother’s home, and when she passed, my friend added on to make it better suit a family with a child, and has since been updating the house little by little. We had a marathon shopping spree, finding sofa, chairs, and tables, and wracked up at Homegoods with new lamps, a painting, various accents, and a small table.

You’ve not lived til you take three kids to a fun park. We stopped off just to ride go carts, and ended up spending about three hours playing video games before we ever got on the track. When it was all said and done, the kiddos spent an excrutiating amount of time trying to decide which piece of junk to spend their tickets on. The poor girl behind the counter, who, from her appearance and demeanor, would have rather been getting a pap smear from Freddie Kreuger, wore out the buttons on her calculator trying to let them know how many pieces of sidewalk chalk, silly bands, and bubble gum could be had for the number of tickets they won.

I got just a minor dose of crazy from Mama while I was up in the mountain state. She and I spent several hours together Thursday evening–visiting with Grandma at the hospital. We had discussed doing some shopping on Friday, but of course mom called me long before I got out of bed. My return call went unanswered, and I missed her call on Saturday (again, my return call went unanswered.) She called Sunday night to make sure I’d gotten home safely and said “You didn’t spend any time at all with me.” When I pointed out that I’d called her back twice, and asked why she didn’t answer or ring me again she said “I musta been in the bathtub.” 

“Well then you must be shriveled up like a damn prune, because you were in the bathtub for 36 hours.”

“I’s hopin’ to come back with you.”

“You’re welcome to come visit anytime, but I’m not bringing you down and then driving you back.”

“I don’t know that car would make it. The air conditioning isn’t running too cold.”

“Then you better wait til the fall or something.”

But I need to get outta here!”

“Well, it’s not my job to get you outta there.”

Am I wrong?




2 responses

9 08 2010
The Incredible Woody

Glad Grandma is out of the hospital! I am so totally a kid – go karts, bumper boats, whack-a-mole – oh yeah!! And seriously, you know you are going to do the negotiations when I purchase my next car, right?

10 08 2010
big hair envy

Hope Grandma is on the mend! Just stopping by to catch up: sounds like you are having a wonderful summer; I am a HUGE fan of wainscoting; what is “Homegoods”? Sounds like fun! Is it local?; our family vacations were always taken in Nags Head…it’s still my favorite place EVER!

We leave soon for the Envy Family Vacation/College Move-In. Texas, via Florida, and home via Galveston, New Orleans and Savannah. I’m confident there will fodder galore!

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