A Little Mid-Week Mish Mash

15 06 2010

I wish I could say that the blog well has been dry because life has been dull lately, but that would be a lie. So, let me fill you in a little.

1. The normally unblogworthy side of my family turned up the crazy over the past couple of months. I won’t go into more detail now, because it all turned out fine, and, frankly kids, I just don’t have the strength. The most notable thing is that they sold our house. (I guess it’s technically THEIR house, but they’ve had it for 20-some years, so it’s home to me too.) And in these economic times, it is worth noting that they sold it in TWO DAYS. Which means that either they are lucky sons of bitches or they weren’t asking enough. It’s a great  house with a cool past. It was built in the late 70’s or early 80’s as a model home for a company that built log and timber houses. After they went out of business, the house was some sort of dress shop or something and then sat vacant for a while. The area was growing, and it was purchased by one of my father’s business associates for the land it sat on–the house had to go to make way for a Quick-Lube oil change place. So my folks bought the house, had it moved a mile or so into a subdivision down the street, and for months we spent every weekend working on it. Since it was a model, certain corners  had been cut in it’s construction (it had no gutters). Since it sat vacant, there was some deferred maintenance that needed to be done, and since it was a child of it’s time there were acres of  gold carpeting and rust colored floral wallpaper that had to be covered up.  So weekend after weekend, my brother and I (years before our third brother was even born) would ride down the stairs in sleeping bags while our parents painted, cleaned, and made the house ready to live in. It’s not a huge house, but the public rooms are large and flow together nicely–it will be tough finding a house as well suited to entertaining large groups.

2. And speaking of houses, you may recall that I’ve long thought my crazy mama has a hoarding disorder. In fact, I was even more convinced of this after watching a show on TLC on the subject. So,  I reached out to the producers, sending photos and filling out an application. I even had two long telephone conversations with one of the junior producers and felt pretty confident that all of you might soon have my crazy mama on your boob-tubes. (And, more importantly, that the show would actually HELP her situation, not just highlight it for our amusement).  But, after her meeting with the executive producers, they didn’t feel mom was “extreme enough”. WHAT? Clearly, they have not met the woman, otherwise they might have offered her a whole new series.

3.  On a personal note, I’ve been seeing someone new. As my stepmother pointed out “you all seem to  be getting pretty cozy” so I figured it was time to share that tidbit with both my loyal readers.  It is nothing new that I play such personal relationships close to the vest, but for now I am enjoying my time with someone who I think compliments we pretty well. Oh, and I need to learn how to play Bunko. So if anyone has some lessons to offer, I’d be pleased to know!




10 responses

15 06 2010

Damn. I so would have loved seeing the live version of your Mama.

15 06 2010
The Vinyl Villager

ugh, I know! Ratings would have been through the roof.

15 06 2010

We should all write to TLC and let them know the gross error in their judgment. It really would be a great show. And congrats on the new sweetie in your life. Makes life a bit more technicolor, yes?

16 06 2010
The Vinyl Villager

yes, it does!

15 06 2010
noe noe girl

I was getting excited about seeing your mama on TV too. Damn the bad luck!


16 06 2010
The Vinyl Villager

gosh I didnt even know how to spell it right!

15 06 2010

Wow, thank God, at first I thought you were calling the Hoarders show on me!!! As long as it’s not me, I’m cool with it.

Glad to hear you have a new Boo! Makes sex alot more fun and enjoyable than doing it yourself.

16 06 2010
The Vinyl Villager

SEX?? Im saving myself for marriage!

And sugar, if your house looks like mama’s I AM calling hoarders on ya.

22 06 2010
phd in yogurtry

If there is ONE reality show I want to be rejected from, it’s that very hoarding show. Oh my. I know I am a mere 20 years and a physical injury or two away from that status. I love the title of your blog, by the way. Vinyl Village. That’s great.

22 06 2010
big hair envy

That Hoarders show makes me itch. It also makes me want to dust and mop. Twice!

Congrats on the new honey!

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