No, I Haven’t Fallen Off the Earth

5 04 2010

Just a little mish mash to fill you in, might still be a week or two before I can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

1. All the stuff is moved out of the Vinyl Village. When I called to hire the movers, I explained that everything from the house needed to be moved to two different places–a one bedroom apartment, and a townhouse. Miss Genius entered the job as a “one bedroom move.” I thought her estimate was delightfully low, but didn’t question it because I figured she had been moving stuff a lot longer than I had. So, our movers arrived a bit before noon expecting to whisk one bedrooms worth of furniture out to find a garage packed full of boxes and a house full of a lot more than one  bedroom’s worth of furniture. But, to their credit, they never complained, didn’t break, scratch, or dent a single thing and never even scowled despite the fact that their estimated four hour Saturday afternoon took eight.

2. I still own the damned house in the Vinyl Village though. It was supposed to close last Monday. Then, last Wednesday. Then, next Friday. Apparently, the folks who bought my house sold their old abode to folks getting their mortgage from the USDA (who knew they did more than certify beef?) and the USDA is backed up on underwriting and processing. I was delighted a few days ago to have the closing moved UP to this Thursday. The delay has caused unnecessary worry…but as long as the check clears, I’m good and the USDA is forgiven.

3. And speaking of gubment fuggups…let me just tell you about the time I had trying to renew the license on my car. As much as I trade cars, I have never traded so early in the year that the license plate was near renewal. So when the county the house sat in sent me a tax bill on my OLD car, I assumed I wouldn’t have to pay property taxes on the new one until next year. So I sent off my check and waited for the renewed registration. Instead, I get a letter from the DMV saying that I need to pay taxes on the NEW car. Fine. I call the county, explain the situation, and am told that I have to come in PERSONALLY to have them process a credit from one car to the next. Can’t do it online, can’t do it on the phone, can’t do it by fax. It is still beyond me why, but there it is. So I have to drive an hour away to the county seat, pay the taxes, and am then told that they will NOT send the current paid tax bill to the DMV, I am on my own. So I have to go to the DMV next. Ever been to the DMV? I am convinced that the DMV office doubles as the Green Room for the Jerry Springer show. Before I walked in, a full set of teeth could not have been found among all thirty people waiting there.

That very morning I had logged onto the DMV’s website and changed my address from the house in the vinyl village to my new residence, which is in a different county. This caused much confusion among the dim witted clerks of the DMV. They wanted me to go back to County One, get a refund, and then go to County Two (which has MUCH higher taxes) and pay them there. I explained the whole situation…that these damned taxes had been paid nigh on two months ago before I even had an offer on my house in County One, and at any rate I still owned it and so there was no reason they shouldn’t just let me pay taxes in that county. This went over her head. Her supervisor had to be called to the desk. I had to tell the whole story again. Miss Supervisor changed my address BACK to the house in County One, issued a registration, and then told me to change it again online to the new house.

4. So I’ve spent the past week getting my new place in order. Still working on that. I have an obscene amount of “stuff”. Finding a place to put it all is a challenge. I have plenty of space, but how best to organize and display it is lost on me sometimes. But its getting there!




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6 04 2010

Are you sure you don’t live in Indiana..? When Hunny got his new truck, in October, I went to the BMV to transfer the plates from the old one…They were paid thru Dec 15. But we only got a credit thru Nov 15 (they only charge for 11 months, was the explanation) so lost a month of credit, But then I had to pay for Dec on the new vehicle…WTF? so last year I paid $400 for his plates from Dec to Dec. In Oct I got credit for Oct & Nov, but then had to pay for Oct, Nov & DEC, as well as a full year from Dec to Dec. On top of that they tried to tell me I owed double, because we hadn’t paid the previous year (didja see the line about $400..?) and, like you, had to have the supervisor, & then HER supervisor called over to get it right…by the time it was all said & done, I would have happily paid just about anything to get out of there.
On a positive note, I felt I was visiting a page out of “People of Walmart” 😀
Glad to hear from you, was getting worried!

7 04 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Ya know, they should just put the DMV IN WalMart…

9 04 2010

Now THERE’S an idea!!!!

6 04 2010
The Incredible Woody

That reminds me – I’ve got to renew my tags! Glad things are getting wrapped up:)

7 04 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Better take the day off and a nerve pill.

6 04 2010
noe noe girl

I would take a beating than go to DMV. Where do they get those folks?

7 04 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I was about to give a beating. If Id had to go to another county that day, I probably would have.

6 04 2010

You are so right about the DMV. Must avoid at all costs.

Do you watch The Simpsons ever? I find it hysterical that Marge’s twin sisters work at the DMV.

7 04 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I havent in years…Patty and Selma?? Yeah they have about the same enthusiasm as most DMV workers, so I can see that.

7 04 2010

It is a conspiracy the DMV is a hellhole in every state.
Last summer I took your younger brother to take his drivers test. It was a four +hour ordeal. As we were standing in line to get his new drivers license (they had to keep rebooting the computer that controlled the camera device that produced the little plastic pictures that everyone loves because they are so flattering) I struck up a conversation with a man who made me feel lucky to get out of there in under 5 hours. It was about 4:00 pm then and he had been there since they opened. He was an active duty serviceman who had been serving his country overseas for the last year and he couldn’t prove he was a WV citizen because he did not have a recent utility bill with his WV address. Thank God for Homeland Security, I know I feel a lot safer knowing there is a giant bureaucracy protecting me.

7 04 2010
The Vinyl Villager

When I got my license in this state, the entire process took about 5 hours. (All I had to do was turn in my old one from home, and get the picture made, mind you)
By law, you must do this within 30 days of moving here. Well, chances are, you don’t HAVE a utility bill at your new address within the first few weeks. So whoever came up with that “proof of address” rule is a dumb shit.
But what really irked me was that there was a man in front of me, getting his license, who could not figure out the little penpad that you had to sign (like a credit card thing, you sign and the image ends up on your license) Im talking 5 minutes of her telling him exactly where on the little screen to sign, him having to resign three or four times because it was too big or not legible or he didnt press hard enough. I mean, the man can’t operate a damned PEN, and you’re giving him a license to drive??

8 04 2010

Well, at least you are moving on, slowly but even a snail gets there!

9 04 2010
Big Hair Envy

Can’t wait to see pics of your new place:)

BTW – Don’t EVER go to the local DMV on Halloween. Not that I’ve ever done that…

10 04 2010
The Girl from the Ghetto

Civil servants … oh dear lord. Even though I used to be one, and was possibly the one good one in the state of Michigan, thankfully I didn’t have to work at Sec of State (Your version of DMV here in MI.) Those bitches will knife you in my part of the country. I still refuse to do anything by mail, because it gets royally f-ed up. So, this is my long version of me saying “Oh, I am so sorry for you!”

Hey, did you end up paying more for your move? I hope not, that would be a nice perk.

And, sorry the closing isn’t going as planned. I hope it ends soon! And, I can’t wait to see you fix up the new joint and post photos either. You’ve got that fabulous decorating touch from the other pics I’ve seen you post. Wish I had me some of that (along with the $ to do it!)

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