Yard Sales and The People Who Attend Them

13 03 2010

So I had a little moving sale at the ole Vinyl Village this morning. As the old Honey and I were cleaning out the place, I put a price tag on anything that would stand still, reasoning quite correctly that people will buy anything.

And they did.

Half empty bottles of spray paint.

Used shoes.

A dog harness for a woman who wanted to walk her cats.

A copy of “Waiting To Exhale” to a woman who got back into her car and put her oxygen tube in. (Am I wrong for finding that hilarious?)

Two ugly ties to a woman who was buying them as a birthday gift for her husband.

A wax toilet ring to a man who said “Ya never know when you’ll need one of these.” (are there many occasions for needing a new toilet ring?)

And, highlight of the day, the woman who bought my house and her daughter stopped by. Turns out their baby sitter lives in my neighborhood and the way the house was decorated was their top selling point. The little girl (maybe two or three years old) told me “This is my new house!”




10 responses

13 03 2010
sista #2

I love garage sales and the people who attend them!


17 03 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I noticed that all the early comers seemed to know each other. I think theres a secret garage sale circle Im not aware of.

14 03 2010
The Incredible Woody

My last yard sale – the people that bought the half used bottles of spray paint went directly to their van and started painting it!!!

17 03 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I thought you were gonna say and starting huffin it!

15 03 2010
noe noe girl

My husband is the yardsale king. gah!

17 03 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Does that make you his Yard Sale Queen?

16 03 2010

It is amazing what people will buy at a yard sale! I bet that little girl was adorable.

17 03 2010
The Vinyl Villager

She was! Made me feel good that she’ll get to make memories of home at my house.

17 03 2010

Ok, I died laughing when I read the “Waiting to Exhale” sidenote. Nice! Awe, that little girl is so happy to move in, that had to be a nice moment, how cute.

Had one yard sale with an old neighbor once, and I was shocked to make $75 and all I sold was clothes and used bedding. WTF? I donate my butt off to Salvation Army, as we have more shit stuffed in this house than even I realize, so I miss having my own yard sale stories since I’m stuck in my condo and have no where to sell it.

18 03 2010
The Vinyl Villager

I normally just take my junk to a resale shop that I support here…in small batches as it accumulates. But I needed to make a lil moving money! I had one woman who spent ten minutes on the phone with her husband trying to decide whether or not to buy my two dollar shovel. Really?? You’re buying a tool not a travel trailer, does a family meeting really need to be called?

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