R.I.P. Corey Haim

10 03 2010

Another child star dead of a drug overdose. There’s a special place in my heart for ole Corey Haim. See, we didn’t have cable TV growing up. This is not some “we walked both ways uphill in the snow barefoot” story. We just didn’t have cable because we lived on seven and a half acres of land in a small secluded neighborhood a mile off the “beaten path” and it was just never feasible for the cable company to run lines to us. We made do with a big ole antenna (that could be turned from inside the house with a fancy-schmancy remote controller–we were just that cool) and lots of VCR tapes.

My little sister, God rest her soul, would wear a movie out. I can not begin to tell you how many times we had to watch “Pippi Longstocking”, “Cannonball Run”, “Big Business”, and “License to Drive.” The latter starring none other than Corey Haim as a 16 year old who flunks his driving test, but doesn’t let that stop him from sneaking out with his grandfather’s prized Cadillac to capture the heart of the girl of his dreams. Calamity ensues of course, but as with all good 80’s movies, it all turns out fine in the end.

And so, in memory of Corey Haim, and our overburdened childhood VCR, here’s the original trailer to “License to Drive”:




4 responses

10 03 2010
The Incredible Woody

I thought he was the Corey that had gotten clean. Didn’t they have a reality show about it?

PS – Our household was cool too. Yep, we had a remote control thingy for the antenna:) We could pick up ABC, NBC, CBS and if we were lucky, PBS

10 03 2010
big hair envy

Poor Corey:( I LOVED him in “Lost Boys”… I hope he has finally found peace.

I remember watching a lot of ‘snow’ on tv. It’s really no wonder that I became a reader!

10 03 2010
noe noe girl


12 03 2010

Ah, Licensed to Drive, what a classic!

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