A Little Health Update

9 03 2010

Just a little update on my recent health issues, since I know a few people from “real life” want to know, and a few of you from the blog world have been offering your thoughts, advice, and prayers. (Thanks to all of you for that!)

To recap: for the past few months I’ve felt dizzy almost all the time. Turn my head, dizzy. Stand up, dizzy. Not bad, just annoying. Then, after I ate I would get this weak, shaky, sort of foggy headed feeling that lasted for hours. All coupled with often times having barely enough energy to get through the day. My regular doctor did some blood work. (I’ll recite some numbers here that mean almost nothing to me, but I trust they are abnormal.) My insulin levels were 42, well over the “normal” of 17. Fasting blood tests came back within normal ranges, and I rarely felt bad before I ate anyway.

So off I went to an endocrinologist and a nutrionist. It was speculated, and not altogether ruled out, that I have “reactive hypoglycemia”, a condition in which my pancreas over produces insulin after eating. This can largely be controlled with diet. So, for the past three or four weeks, I’ve been eating almost no carbs, no sweets, and lots of proteins and vegetables. I feel a lot better, but my blood glucose levels are still often rather low. (in the 40s and 50s.)

More tests were done. Something about cortisol (a hormone that has something to do with energy and blood sugar levels) came back “off” just slightly. So I spent all of this morning at the Cancer Center (how’s that for a scary phone call–“Report to the Cancer Center tomorrow at 9, sir.”) being poked and prodded and injected with cortisol to test how my body reacts to it. That test will either point to a cause or rule it out. If it rules it out, I have to travel to Charleston, SC to see yet another specialist and have yet another battery of tests done.

So, basically, I know nothing. I feel slightly better overall..but today, after a lunch that should have made the dietician happy, and after being pumped full of cortisol (which, I understand, should have RAISED my blood sugar levels) I feel like shit and my blood sugar is at 60 an hour and a half after I ate. (Should be closer to 140 after meals, and around 70 after fasting).




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9 03 2010

The high levels of cortisol can be caused by extreme stress. I have been down this road with my mom and husband, who are both diabetics. I suffer with hypoglycemia due to my current state of being pregnant so I can sympathize with you feeling like crap. I will be praying for you.

9 03 2010
The Incredible Woody

Sorry you are still feeling like crap. But I am glad you are seeking out medical help. Hopefully you will have an answer soon, my friend. I’m thinking a couple of weeks somewhere warm with plenty of sand, sun, and surf would work wonders. It may not heal but it certainly wouldn’t hurt:)

9 03 2010

I love Woody’s idea!

Thanks for the update. I hope they figure it out and it’s nothing serious!

9 03 2010
noe noe girl

Hope you are feeling like your old self soon. I know all about the feeling like crap thing. Mine was my thyroid. It is still not 100% but I am working on it and working on trying to loose this 20 pounds that came along with it. Jeeze!

9 03 2010

Cancer center? That sounds terrifying.

Geez. I hope they figure this thing out fast!

10 03 2010
Liz C.

So, they ruled out pregnancy then. Good thing, Junior. Seriously though, I have an ongoing nausea thing. I feel as if I’m about to hurl my meal but then I sneeze. Apparently, it’s something to do with my stomach. The nausea is immediately gone after I sneeze. Just another useless little fact about me.

Anyway, I hope they hurry up & figure it out. I know how badly that can get to you after a while.

12 03 2010

Liz C, you are hilarious!

I’m sorry that at this point, you don’t “really” have any answers. I certainly know how it feels to be picked, sticked, and manhandled by various specialists. I am just very glad it wasn’t the big scary Diabetes!

17 03 2010

VV…just read this post. Keep us updated in “real life” and in the blog-hood. And, let me know if I can do anything for you. I’m serious. We gotta get you better!!!! No way that I’d do the “Wal-Mart people” without you.

18 03 2010
The Vinyl Villager

Will keep you posted!

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