A Little Mish Mash

9 02 2010

1.  I went to put on my favorite pair of black casual shoes over the weekend and noticed the whole sole of them was split open.  I was aggravated, but then I remembered they were about seven years old and I got them at a clearance shop for under twenty dollars, so I guess I got my money’s worth.

2. My crazy mama has no idea what kind of car I drive. To be fair, there aren’t a whole lot of BMWs back home in WV, because a rear wheel drive car just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. (Particularly after this winter, when they’ve gotten YARDS of snow.) So the other day, I sent a camera phone picture to her friend (“The Black Girl” NeNe) of the car.

That’s real pretty.” she said, “Maybe next time you’ll get a Mercedes.” (the only luxury car brand she even knows exists, I’m sure.) She could have been looking at a picture of a Ford Pinto and not known the difference.

3. I tried out a new place on Saturday night…a lesbian bar. Never been to one of those before. Interesting place. They keep the lights on full strength and play awful music. (Though I must say those lesbians did the Macarena very well.) But it got me thinking….stereotypes exist for a reason. There were so many women there who looked like Joe Dirt, it was almost comical. I mean, of course not everyone fits the stereotype of whatever race, religion, ethnicity they are…but the stereotype comes from somewhere, and it’s because enough people DO fit it for it to perpetuate. I know that’s not politically correct, but damn it, it’s true.

4. A friend of mine tried to lay some motherly guilt on her sassy seven year old. “How would you feel if something happened to me and those were the last words you’d said to me?”  Well, she will never do that again. Hours later, the sensitive little guy asked “If something DID happen, what should I do? Should I walk to a neighbor’s house?” She assured him he didn’t need to worry about anything happening, but, yes, if he ever found himself in an emergency, he could certainly walk to a neighbor’s home for help. “Well should I take the baby with me?” The whole subject must have been heavy on his mind, because he later asked, “So who would take care of us if you weren’t around?” Poor thing tried the ole motherly guilt and just got it heaped back on her.

5. So next Tuesday I’m off to see an endocrinologist to hopefully find out what’s wrong with me. I’ve given up trying to self-diagnose on the interwebs, because I come up with anything from “You’re just crazy” to “Quick! Plan your funeral.” Thanks to everyone for their concern, comments, and emails. Will keep you posted.

6. Are text messaging, twitter, and the internet ruining the English language? An old friend from high school (who I pray doesn’t stumble upon this little  blog) leaves the most unnerving status updates on Facebook. They make my skin crawl to the point that I may just have to “hide” her to keep me from going off the deep end. Some examples of this intelligent, educated woman’s messages: she types “dat” instead of “that”. The number “2” or “4” instead of the words “to” and “for”, “d” instead of “the”, “b” instead of “be”, “n” instead of “and”. I want to reach through the screen and strangle her!




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9 02 2010

I have had the discussion about texting ruining thought with anyone who will feign interest. Have you ever seen Demolition Man? In that movie, the computers have about fifteen keys and I can see that’s where we’re headed.

But I will never part with vowels.

I hate pics and brbs and especially lols. Quit being so lazy, damn.

Also, I wanted to add that if I were a lesbian- which sometimes I think I may be a little- I’d want to be with women who look like women. If I wanted to be with someone who looked like a man, I would be with a man.

I loved Joe Dirt. I don’t know, I just did.

9 02 2010

You are right about stereotypes! They exist for a reason. Though I try not to generalize too much.

And what your friend said to her kid? I think so many parents say stuff that they really don’t mean, or think through too well. My MIL always says stuff to our son that makes me writhe–like “You better not be naughty or I’m going away forever.” Or, “Stop that right now or I’ll tell Baby Jesus to tell Santa to not bring you any presents.” Or, “Stop crying like that, it makes your face look ugly.”


10 02 2010

I have several people that I’ve had to hide on facebook so my head doesn’t explode. I think a good part of it is seriously ignorance. I can’t bring myself to use that type of slang.

12 02 2010

1. I find myself doing the very same thing!
2. You mean there is a luxury car other than Mercedes..? OMG ! Really..? LOL
3. I agree, the stereotypes are usually based in actuality…but the lesbian one..? I haven’t ever understood that particular one…I am bi – best of both worlds yanno! But, I have never found myself even slightly attracted to a manly girl. When I want a girl, I want A GIRL…it just doesn’t make sense to me to go out of your way to look masculine in an attempt to attract a woman who likes women…the whole thing makes my head hurt!
4. Somehow, I can picture that very same situation in my home…that boy of mine absorbs everything like a sponge, digests it, studies on it, then slowly allows his views on it to trickle slowly back out…usually at the strangest times LOL
5. Good luck, hope all turns out well…I will send positive energy your way!
6. Yes, the English language is going to shit! I am guilty of the occasional shortening of a comment (LOL being a good example) but as a rule, only when I am texting. I also have been known to knowingly use non-words – yanno is one of my favorites. But even texting, I spell most things out, and try to use proper grammar and punctuation…causing Hunny, among others to give me a hard time! But trying to decipher some of the crap out there makes my head hurt, and I HAVE actually hidden a few people on Facebook for that very reason…c’mon people, it really doesn’t take THAT much longer to just type it out….
Glad to see I’m not the only one aggravated by it 😀

15 02 2010

Joe Dirt lesbians, ha! I’m sorry, but that is hilarious, and so true. And, I am a semi-firm believer of steriotypes myself. Why else would they exist in the first place?

My friend writes puter instead of computer on Facebook and I have publically bitched her out for it for months. Nothing in the world sounds dumber. I want to murder all people who do intentional slang like that.

Good luck at the doctors!

25 02 2010

I love that cartoon

26 02 2010

wht r u tlkng bout…txt lang?

Just kidding. I hate it, too. Although, I must confess that I have been semi-caught up in it. It is soooo fast.

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