Monday Morning Mish-Mash (Again, on a Thursday Afternoon)

19 11 2009

1. The visit with my folks went great–lots of good food and wine. Since they were visiting me, that meant my two brothers had the run of the house for the weekend. Lil’ brother texted me as the folks were on their way, reporting that Middle brother had already arranged for the circus midgets and that he would be picking up the strippers on his way home from college. Later that night, while the parents and I were having a case a glass of wine, I sent Lil’Brother a text asking “How are the strippers?” His reply had us all cracking up the rest of the weekend, and I have to record it here for posterity, even though I know most people reading this won’t find the humor in it that we did.

“Riddled with self-esteem issues.”  We were dying, but maybe you have to know him to “get it”.

2. And while I am talking about my family, I have to see if they are reading by offering a link to a website I am sure my stepmother will enjoy: FOR YOU, NON-CRAZY MAMA.

3. So now that the little house in the Vinyl Village is officially on the market (and, doubtless, just waiting for multiple above-asking offers), do I have to change the name of this blog? Tales from a Generously Borrowed Guest Suite, perhaps? Sex and the Suburbs (if I’m lucky…LOL!)?  As I think a little about dating again (is there a time frame one must follow? I mean, it’s not like I was widowed?) I remember some of the stories from the last time I was single—way back before everyone and their cleaning lady had a blog. At least this go around my dating misfortunes can entertain someone.

4. While most of my work is residential, in these tough times, we will design a damned dog house if someone will sign a contract. To that end, I’ve been working on a new store at the local mall. It will open after the first of the year. Now, I hate doing commercial work. The codes and bureaucracy are enough to choke a horse, and no one really cares about the product the way clients do when you are dealing with their home. But this one is particularly interesting, because the people who currently work in the space HAVE NO CLUE that their store is closing to make way for the one I am designing. So, site visits to verify the as-built conditions have been done under clandestine circumstances. First, in order to inspect the height we could take the ceiling to, my boss and I were introduced (in our work khakis and button-up shirts) as “Men here to check the heating system.” A second visit, to locate electrical service/outlets/etc. we were introduced to another soon-to-be-unemployed gal as “Guys here to conduct an insurance audit.” I detest such dishonesty.

5. And while I’m discussing work, tomorrow I’ve been invited back to an old client’s house to decorate it for Christmas. These are great clients. I decorated the house for him, designed a half million dollar renovation once he and the new Mrs. started a family, and now they’ve come to trust my opinion so much that they won’t hang so much as a new roll of toilet paper without my advice. Anything to make a few bucks for the holidays, I guess. It’s actually kind of rare that I do a house for people with kids still at home. Much of my work is retirement or second homes done for folks who are near retirement age. It’s always nice to do a house that kids will grow up in though…because I know it will get filled with a whole other kind of memories.




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19 11 2009

LOVED your brother’s text. Does he have a blog? : )

19 11 2009
big hair envy

Ok, I read this post, and have SO much to say….BUT, all I can think of is that you REALLY need to come to VA for a good old fashioned Thanksgiving. Keep in mind that it’s the day AFTER Thanksgiving!!! That’s just how the new traditions roll;) I miss my Grandma…..

Good luck with the sale of the house. These times are, indeed, difficult. For us, residential work pays the bills, and commercial work is the icing on the cake. I’d be happy with just a little “cake” right now…

I’m “riddled with self-esteem issues”…does that make me a stripper?

21 11 2009

I love it when rich people go all out for Christmas. Sneak some photo’s for us poor folks to make us envious at how the rich live. Good for you for snagging this job, times are tough.

21 11 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. Glad that you had such a great visit with your family.
2. Those reading glasses are awesome!!
3. My newly-divorced friend says that dating is wonderful. She is having a great time:) And I think she started dating within a couple of weeks!!
4. You have got to be kidding!?!
5. I knew you were a softy;)

23 11 2009
Wicked Stepmom

I love the reading classes. A little pricy but I am sure worth it. Santa could surprise me with a pair …

23 11 2009


That sucks that those employees have no idea what they’re in for. Is the tenants being evicted from the mall?

I think Sex and the Suburbs would be a great choice for a name! 🙂 Maybe you could even get it hosted instead of being hosted on WP. 🙂

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