Monday Morning Mish Mash

26 10 2009


1. I had the laziest weekend. Naps on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now, I love a nap, but three days in a row is ridiculous even for me. I hope it is not a sign that I am coming down with something.

2. About the only thing I did worth mentioning was go to an apple farm with a friend of mine and her two year old. It was a great setup with a little petting zoo and lots of play structures for the kids. And of course, every sort of apple related food you can think of. Our first stop was for some hot apple cider, seeing as the farm was at least ten degrees cooler than town had been. Now let me point out something that you may not know. Bees LOVE apples. There were bees everywhere. But, according to a gentleman at the farm, they get a little drunk off of the fermenting fruit that falls to the ground. So these are the dopiest, laziest, “just hit the good shit” bees you have ever seen. They would land on  us and just rest, didn’t care to even try to get out of the way when we swatted them. All the same, it does freak a person out to have bees landing and crawling on them. And, not that I would know, mind you, but I can imagine that if a person is holding a cup of hot apple cider and flails about as bees land on him, spilling that cider all over himself, that it only makes him that much more attractive to the drunk bees. Again, I’m just guessing.

3. OK, I am somewhat relaxed when it comes to grammar and spelling on the internet. If I can understand what you meant, I’ll ignore a few typos. But I just have to share what someone wrote on the Facebook wall of an ENGLISH teacher I had in junior high. ENGLISH! ”

“you was a really great teacher at small town junior high dont no if you remember me its been a long time have a great weekend”
I mean, there are more errors in that “sentence” than there are words. I can only imagine the sort of cringe it sent up the English teacher’s spine.
4. My car has the most annoying feature–tire pressure “warning”. Now, in a previous car, the little warning would tell you which tire was low. Not this one. It just lights up the little flat tire symbol–leaving the hapless owner to ruin their hands by checking every danged one. And of course, it’s so sensitive that dips in temperature make it go off. The past few weeks have had a lot of cooler mornings, so the little flat tire has been lit up constantly. I’ve checked the tires twice, and found none low. So I just ignore the thing now, which sort of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?
5. Ok, so I’m at the gym. Do my workout, take a shower, am getting redressed to go back to work. And realize I do not have any hair product in my bag. I have the sort of curly, dry hair that looks like a chia pet mated with a brillo pad if I don’t work it out with some product. But, as luck would have it, there in the little basket of toiletries was hairspray. Not my first choice by any means, but a few shots on wet hair would at least hold my bush down for the afternoon. So, I sprayed away. And as I set it back down, I saw the label. It was DEODORANT! Who even remembered they make aerosol deodorant??? My scalp was free to sweat the rest of the day without fearing embarassing odors.



11 responses

26 10 2009

You left me with a laugh I had to explain to the room. Have a great day!

26 10 2009
The Vinyl Villager

LOL! Well Im glad to have given you a chuckle!

26 10 2009

1) I don’t understand the problem, I take naps 3 or 4 times a week! Lol.

26 10 2009
The Vinyl Villager

You know maybe its a family trait. I seem to recall dad taking a few naps while he was driving…

26 10 2009

I have a serious issue with bees and wasps at my house every stinkin’ year. They get really nasty in the fall as they can sense their time is drawing near. Now I know to sit out a vat of fermenting fruit and knock some of that aggression out of them. Thanks VV. You may have saved me an eppy pin or two.

(Did the cider stain?)

26 10 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Luckily (I think) the cider all stayed on my bare arms. OF course I was sticky all afternoon from this.

26 10 2009
Liz C.

Hubby takes *pre-naps* then *naps*, which cracks up our friends.

Of course, it’s taken me 56 years to become somewhat accustomed to being around bees, but I can do it now without screaming, gyrating & running in circles as I used to. Wasps are another story. I hate them….

Having once been an English major, language is one of my very biggest peeves. I can only imagine the teacher’s emotions going from laughter to tears to anger, LOL! I have so many language pet peeves that I get ticked off at myself sometimes. Hello.

Hubby has the exact same kind of hair and can’t live without the mousse. I made him leave it at home when we went to Cancun and he looked so cute with his short little curls. He asked me to trim it for him once & it would curl around my finger before I could get at it with the scissors. You probably don’t remember it but there was a time when men were paying a fortune to get curls, LOL!

27 10 2009
The Vinyl Villager

oh mousse! If my stepmother stops by maybe she will tell us a story about me and mousse…

26 10 2009

My car does the same annoying tire thing. So I just fill tires and fill tires whether they need it or not until the light turns off. Then I take it in for a service and they tell me, “Your tires were overinflated.” DUH!

27 10 2009
The Vinyl Villager

It is such a nuisance! Im taking the car in to have the tires filled with nitrogen. Its more stable, so you don’t get the false reads.

29 10 2009

Naps are awesome. The only thing that keeps me from them is my kids.

Excellent bee story.

There’s a difference between internet typos and you-are-a-fucking-idiot. That English teacher must have died a little that day.

I’ve heard more people complain about that tire-pressure warning light than have said what a wonderful thing it is.

I’m glad you didn’t have sweaty hair all day!

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